Pros and Cons of buying iphone 12, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

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Strictly speaking, there is no difference between a medium cup and a large cup in the size of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. They are all 6.1-inch screens with right-angle frames. The intuitive difference in appearance is that the iPhone 12 Pro uses a stainless steel frame, three cameras on the back + lidar, and frosted glass.

But whether it is iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, there are very different compared with the generation of iPhone 11.

The first is the body design. The body thickness of the entire iPhone 12 series is 7.4 mm, compared with last year’s iPhone 11 8.3 mm and iPhone 11 Pro series 8.1 mm.

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After comparing the 5G flagship products of all mainstream brands on the market, you can find that the iPhone 12 series should be the thinnest 5G mobile phone on the market.

The change in thickness brings a very obvious improvement in the hand feel, because the right-angled frame is not cut with bright sides, so there is no problem of cutting hands.

In particular, the iPhone 12 weighs only 162g. Compared with last year’s iPhone 11, it is 32g less. Coupled with the smaller body, the feeling of lightness and thinness comes up all at once.

Although the screen of iPhone 12 Pro has increased from 5.8 inches of 11 Pro to 6.1 inches, the size of the body is only 2.7 mm longer and the weight is 1g less, so it will not feel particularly heavy.

In the part of the screen, the iPhone 12 has also been significantly improved. Compared with the iPhone 11, the LCD screen is abandoned, and the Super Retina XDR display is used, and the frame is significantly narrower.

The screen-to-body ratio is also higher, and the display quality is comparable to that of the Pro series.

It’s just that the typical maximum brightness is 625 nits, while the Pro series is 800 nits. Some differences will be seen in sunny outdoor.

This time, Apple has used an exclusive glass technology called super-ceramic panel for all iPhone 12 series. Simply put, the screen has improved scratch resistance, and its anti-drop performance has also increased by 4 times compared with the previous generation. Tested…distressed about the new phone.

In addition to the drop resistance, the waterproof performance has also been improved to 6 meters water depth for 30 minutes. Take it for swimming. There is no problem. Don’t take a bath.

The body is thinner, the battery is reduced, and the iPhone 12 screen is better than before. The biggest concern is the weakening of battery life. Apple’s official website said that the battery life has not changed. We also did a real test. In the 5-day experience, the battery life of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro did not drop significantly compared to iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

The 5nm process of the A14 chip is indeed better for power consumption control.

Another point that everyone is concerned about is the 5G and signal performance of the iPhone 12 series.

The performance of 5G is actually very dependent on the base station. The very simple logic is that it is close to the base station and the network speed is fast.

Apple made a smart data for the newly added 5G function. Simply put, this is a bit similar to the turbo frequency of an intel processor. When in standby, the machine is on 4G standby. When you are using a mobile phone, there is a big When the amount of data is required, the machine will immediately switch back to 5G and release the water. Put 5G speed on the most obvious part of your perception.

We also compared the signal performance with last year’s iPhone 11 Pro.

If you look at the data alone, the signal of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is better than the previous generation, not very much, but from the actual experience, you can still clearly feel that the signal has become better. There are now some places where there is no Internet. Net out.

In terms of taking photos and videos, the iPhone 12 is still a dual camera, and there are several key points to improve:

1. The wide-angle aperture of the main camera is larger, the amount of light is more, and the low-light shooting ability is better.

2. Super wide-angle can also be used in night scene mode. Even compared with 11 Pro, the picture quality of super wide-angle is greatly improved.

3. Because the A14 chip has stronger artificial intelligence computing power, it can better perform machine calculations for photos, significantly improve the picture quality in low-light environments, and the keying ability in portrait mode is also better.

In addition to the improvements in the 12 Pro, the main improvement is that after the addition of lidar, the focus speed in low-light environments has been increased by 6 times, and a portrait night scene mode has been added.

Both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro support the recording of Dolby Vision video, that is, 10-bit HDR shooting, which will make the video look more vivid.

Apple has always been a manufacturer good at playing magnets. In the iPhone 12 series, Apple inserted 16 magnets into the iPhone body and brought Magsafe. This is a very retro vocabulary. The last time I used it was the old MacBook online. .

To answer a question first, although there is a magnet inside the fuselage, the magnetic force is very small and will not attract the key in the trouser pocket.

The role of Magsafe is to make the wireless charging experience more convenient. You can stick the iPhone 12 series on the Magsafe wireless charging pad without any special alignment. We tested the charging time and it takes about half an hour to charge the iPhone 12 Pro. Magsafe It can be charged up to 40%.

The addition of Magsafe also gives some third-party accessories more imagination.

Speaking of Magsafe, I will also start to talk about my dissatisfaction and regrets with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro for the experience these days.

The first dissatisfaction comes from the official protective case that supports Magsafe, because Apple also put a ring of magnets in the protective case, so this year’s official protective case is thicker than previous years. Once the iPhone 12 has a lighter and thinner body The official shell is gone. It’s a little messy. However, we checked the official document. The document says that as long as the shell is thinner than 2.1 mm, the experience of the magsafe charging board will not be affected, so this data can be used as a reference for the thickness of a third-party protective cover you buy.

The second dissatisfaction is the design of the Magsafe charging board. Maybe Apple considers the portability and the Magsafe charging board is not heavy. There will be a problem. You can just suck it up when charging, and take it off when it is full. It has to be picked.. Not very convenient.

The third dissatisfaction is the bangs on the iPhone 12. Although the bangs are a bit narrower compared to the previous version, the bangs on FaceID appear to be thicker because of the narrower screen frame… , OCD is a bit uncomfortable.Two regret points are fast charging and variable refresh rate screens.

This is a point that I will mention every year. Of course, I understand very well that after fast charging and high refresh rate screens, the machine may become thicker, but… if there are these two points… the iPhone experience will become better.

Finally, I will talk about buying recommendations and summary.First of all, the iPhone 12 is very worth buying. It is light and thin, and the screen is a whole step better than last year, and the shooting ability has also been upgraded, which is very worthwhile. As for the 12 Pro, one is that the body has a better texture, and the other is that if you think you value the camera and video capabilities of your phone, the 12 Pro is more fragrant. Oh yes, the body memory of the two machines is different, iPhone 12 is 4G, iPhone 12 Pro is 6G.

Many people say that the iPhone 12 series is squeezing toothpaste, but in fact, any update iteration of technological equipment is a process of squeezing toothpaste. It just depends on whether it is squeezed so much or so much.

To be honest, the toothpaste of the iPhone 12 series is not too crowded. Intuitively, 5G is inserted, better camera and video capabilities, magnetic Magsafe charging, stronger drop resistance and water resistance, and better performance. The body has become thinner and thinner. Behind it is the A14 chip 5nm process. A substantial improvement in power consumption control capabilities, and a major iteration of iPhone design, process, and manufacturing capabilities. iPhone 12 is still one of the most worth buying 5G flagship series on the market.

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