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At present, the outside world has given the release time of the iPhone12 series, which is scheduled for October 13, which is only half a month away. But although the iPhone12 series has not yet been released, it has experienced a roller coaster-like heat ups and downs. After the release of the new iPhoneSE this year, the price of early 450 USD made it a rare price-performance model of Apple, and sales soared.

But then came the iPhone 12 standard version expected to be released in September with better configuration, and the price will not be much more expensive than the iPhoneSE. The starting price exposure is only about 650 USD. So many fans have begun to save money, just wait for the iPhone 12 to start after the release.

However, during this period of time more and more bad news about the iPhone 12 came, especially the standard version. First, the battery capacity is the smallest, only in the early 2000s. Secondly, the price is not only 650 USD so cheap. The version is still the same as last year’s iPhone 11 , Starting from 800 USD. Moreover, the absence of earphones and charging heads this year is tantamount to a price increase in disguise. But what is this

The most important thing is that the iPhone 12 processor is not A14, but the castrated down-frequency B14 processor. This completely disappointed many people with iPhone12. But Apple always gives people hope after being disappointed.

According to the latest news from foreign sources, in fact, in addition to iPhone12, Apple has a number of low-cost iPhone plans, and the most likely one is iPhoneSE Plus, the orthodox sequel to iPhoneSE. This phone is even better than the iPhone12. It uses a full-blooded version of the A14 processor. At the same time, it cancels the notch, uses an LCD full screen, and reintroduces fingerprint recognition.

Integrated with the power button. The key is that the price of iPhoneSE Plus is more attractive than iPhone12. The initial exposure will start at 650 USD, which is 600 cheaper than iPhone12. Many users said that the iPhone 12 is not good after seeing it

The iPhoneSE Plus is good and cheap. The money in the pocket can be saved again. I will not buy the iPhone 12 anymore. I will buy the iPhone SE Plus next year. With reference to the release time of iPhoneSE, it is estimated that iPhoneSE Plus will be released in March-April next year. By then, the cost of the new machine will drop, and the price may be lower than expected!

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