Samsung’s Galaxy Watch3 health service is fully upgraded to set a new benchmark in the smart watch industry

Once upon a time, as a new technology product, smart watches were only standard equipment for a small number of technology enthusiasts. Nowadays, such products are advancing with impenetrable momentum and have won universal acceptance and recognition. The reason is that people’s increasing health awareness has become a booster, especially the frequent health incidents caused by exercise or overwork, which have attracted widespread attention in society. At this time, smart watches that can help people perform health management enter the consumer’s field of vision and play an increasing value. How smart watches can escort health can be understood more comprehensively from Samsung’s new generation product Galaxy Watch 3.

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Users who are slightly familiar with the wearable industry know that today’s smart watch products will have heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring functions. Because heart rate is an important indicator for observing health status, observing changes in heart rate during exercise or emotional excitement, so as to make adjustments, can effectively reduce the risk of occurrence. Sleep quality is the key that people cannot ignore nowadays. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 also has the above two monitoring functions, and on this basis, it adds blood oxygen saturation and fall monitoring to conduct a more comprehensive and detailed observation and analysis of the user’s health.

Among them, the monitoring of blood oxygen saturation can prevent diseases in some important organs before they occur. Because blood oxygen saturation is an important physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle, it is closely related to people’s respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, lung diseases and other diseases. Too low will cause insufficient oxygen supply in the body, and too high will cause cell aging in the body. So when the blood oxygen saturation exceeds the normal range, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can issue an early warning in time to remind people to seek medical attention.

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The necessity of the fall test is that when the elderly or children at home fall while going out, or you fall during outdoor sports and you are in a state where you cannot actively seek help, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 will play a very important role. First, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 will beep for one minute. If there is no response, it proves that you may not have the ability to save yourself. At this time, this smartwatch will send emergency messages to the preset SOS contacts, including the address of the fall. So that you or your family can get timely assistance and truly pay attention to the health of users at all times.

More practical exercise suggestions

In addition to keeping your health under control, it is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to have a healthier body and improve immunity and body function through exercise. In order to help people get rid of the positioning of fitness novices, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has also made a lot of efforts in product function expansion. In terms of sports data recording, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 covers dozens of sports, including running, walking, swimming, healing, sit-ups, mountain climbing, etc., making it easy for people to choose suitable exercise methods and exercise intensity.

More importantly, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 also added the function of running analysis this time. For large-scale running enthusiasts, in the future, they can adjust the running posture in time through the six dimensions of running analysis. Correct, healthy and efficient running. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 will also allow such users to clearly grasp their own maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 Max), which is an important indicator of the human body’s aerobic exercise capacity, so as to move towards a higher goal.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has prepared more than 120 home exercise programs for people who like to exercise at home. Users can flexibly arrange exercise time and location, even if they are on a business trip in a hotel or during office breaks, they can do some simple exercises. movement. When exercising, related courses can also be projected to TVs and other devices to make it easier for users to watch.

As the saying goes, “the body is the capital of the revolution”, regardless of work or life, people should put the health of themselves and their families first. As a benchmark product in smart watches, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has shown 18 martial arts and sincerity to care for the health of users, which has won the favor of more and more consumers and also pointed out the direction for future industry development.

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