SAP’s machine learning solutions, Leonardo

In the past, SAP had the so-called Clea brand for machine learning, but it seems that it has not been mentioned recently.

SAP’s latest approach is based on the Cloud Platform, which has built a SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation.

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Its core purpose, if summed up in one sentence , is to allow customers to easily introduce machine learning capabilities into various enterprise applications without having to develop their own machine learning algorithms.

Leonardo provides the following core capabilities:

  • Image and video processing
  • Sound and natural language processing
  • Table and time series data processing

Why do companies need these capabilities? For example, image recognition allows the system to automatically determine whether equipment or components are damaged, and then prompt the user to replace it. Through the analysis of social media and hot word analysis, it can help product managers find out what product features users are really interested in. Forecasting time series data can help companies predict the peaks and troughs of production and sales in advance.

Traditionally, if companies want to build such machine learning capabilities themselves, in addition to the corresponding software algorithms, they have to bear additional hardware costs. For example, many people know that Nvidia, whose stock price has soared from last year to this year, is the core hardware of artificial intelligence-Graphic Processing Units (GPU). The growth of Nvidia is also a very interesting story, which can be discussed later.

Back to the topic, SAP’s Machine learning platform built on the Cloud platform helps enterprise customers save hardware and pre-engineer algorithms. In short, all machine learning capabilities are open for API. The following figure shows some of the Leonardo ML APIs that have been provided.

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Cooperation with Google

I am also curious, since when did SAP have such a strong technical reserve in so many cutting-edge technologies. Until I watched a presentation jointly made by SAP and Google on SAPPHIRE, I guessed that partners like Google contributed a lot.

In addition to announcing that Cloud Platform can run on Google Cloud Platform, SAP also demonstrated how Google’s artificial intelligence technology can make SAP smarter.

Application of machine learning in enterprises

Seeing this, you may think that all these tall technologies are too far away from us. We only understand ERP.

Don’t worry, ERP is here.

The picture below shows how machine learning will be embedded in SAP products now and in the near future. The first one is the bank statement processing using machine learning algorithms.

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If traditional ERP is good at processing structured data, then SAP’s machine learning function is to incorporate the processing capabilities of unstructured data into enterprise software. By the way, I forgot to add “intelligence” “Three words.

Make your business smarter, this is probably the most elegant ambition of SAP in the near future.

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