Start of the Disaster

Many people around US not trust the magic, there are so many reasons for this, the current “Epidemic would disappear in hot weather” this phrase repeated many times in US politics, many media outlets crying on the increasing numbers of patients, the hospitals are out of capacity today.Some people in US think that US as because of great power of the century will beat this epidemic in matter of days let see some recent data from

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It is rises again, even a child will understand this, but the question in my mind what are the causes of rebound of epidemic, i don’t know as yet but future data would reveal the truth.

Fuch, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a top infectious disease expert, said when he asked how many deaths and infections there will be in the United States before the epidemic ends, he cannot make accurate predictions. But this will be “very disturbing”.

Foch said at the Senate hearing that day, the United States now has more than 40,000 confirmed cases daily. If the current trend cannot be reversed, if the number of newly confirmed cases reaches 100,000 in the future, he will not be surprised. “.

Its is disturbing for any one in US or not, the humanity is in hands of some microscopic bacteria, the powerful and the technological advance nation not have such skills to manage and control the microscopic colony in the land of opportunity.

Bankruptcy and unemployment

According to Bloomberg data, at least 13 US companies have sought bankruptcy protection in the last week, which is equivalent to the peak of the global financial crisis, which is the worst week since May 2009. At present, the unemployed population in the United States is over 40 million, and the unemployment rate exceeds 15%.

One of the concentrated industries of bankrupt companies is the oil and gas industry. An analysis by Deloitte found that when crude oil prices reached $35 per barrel, nearly one-third of US shale gas producers were technically insolvent. The plunge in international oil prices in the early days has caused many American oil companies to go bankrupt. In addition, although the US government provided loans directly to enterprises in the early stage, many small and medium-sized enterprises struggling to survive have not received loan assistance, and with the prolonged delay of the new crown epidemic and the lack of economic recovery, the current small and medium-sized enterprises The wave of corporate bankruptcy has begun.

What i try to believe

Why US is facing such situation, is it failure of Trump administration or last decade poor management of bureaucracy, does Aliens trying to occupy the US as first colony on earth or some mysterious soviet forces equalizing scores, all such all are illusions, for me, my family and the company where i have threat of the job loose, every one is in search of theory of disaster where it begins or gets end.I hope every one will be safe from perspective of job and precious life.

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