The birth of BMW iX electric car

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As the most important pure electric model of BMW, BMW iX is not only derived from the concept car BMW Vision iNEXT, but also the BMW Group showing the outside world in (D-ACES) design, autonomous driving, interconnection technology, The latest development results in the field of electrification and service-oriented strategic innovation, and an important way of designing future travel and conceiving luxury mobile space.

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5G technology blesses the smartest BMW

BMW’s evaluation of BMW iX is the “smartest BMW car”. As the smartest BMW car, the innovative pure electric BMW iX is the first of the BMW Group to innovate in all aspects of electronic and electrical architecture, autonomous driving functions, display and control systems, and internal equipment. This model uses 5G technology to take BMW to a whole new level. On the basis of 5G, BMW iX adopts BMW Group’s new generation digital architecture and sensor system, and its data processing capacity is 20 times that of current vehicles. With the launch of this model, the BMW Group will fully open a new stage of the new energy offensive, and the modular and expandable corresponding technologies adopted by this model will gradually be applied to other future models of the group.

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In terms of human-computer interaction, the development of BMW iX created a precedent for cross-border cooperation with game companies. In 2015, BMW became the first automotive company to use a “mixed reality” system for vehicle development. Today, engineers from both sides use an improved version of the “game engine” to visually develop the interaction between design and technology, creating a better human-computer interaction experience for BMW iX.

Not only that, the BMW Group also uses AI technology to process the data of about 150 million kilometers of connected cars traveling around the world. By studying the correlation of data, it simulates complex scenes in the real world, thereby developing a new generation of BMW iX autonomous driving and driving. auxiliary system.

Minimalist design creates a luxury cockpit for future travel

In addition to smart highlights, the design of BMW iX is also very pleasing. Follow the “minimalist” design concept from the inside to the outside, redefining the luxurious mobile cockpit for future travel.

In appearance, the overall concept of BMW iX is derived from the concept car BMW Vision iNEXT. Naturally, a large number of innovative and bold elements have been applied in the design. The smooth lines comparable to the BMW X6, the huge body of the X5, and the slimmest headlight design in BMW’s history all ensure that the BMW iX has a super high degree of recognition and excellent aesthetics. Not only that, BMW also pioneered the use of borderless doors on SAV models such as BMW iX, which conveys a sense of luxury and sportiness from the inside to the outside.

In the interior, the newly structured cockpit is highly concise and has intuitive functions, which are built entirely around the needs of drivers and passengers. For example, abandoning the central passage to enhance the sense of openness and spaciousness in the car, the innovative integrated panoramic glass sunroof spans the top of the vehicle, greatly enhancing the sense of space and leisure atmosphere, and the combination of fabric and wood creates a high-quality home atmosphere. Compared with the current BMW models, the number of buttons in the car has been reduced by about 50%. The large integrated curved screen located in the center console is simple and intuitive. While optimizing the information display method, it can also use voice, touch and other more direct methods Operate to realize a more friendly interaction between people and cars. The unique shape of the hexagonal steering wheel draws on the design inspiration of the racing steering wheel and enhances the visual effect of the large curved screen.

It is worth mentioning that, from the inside to the outside, the vehicle reveals the ingenious thoughts of BMW designers. Needless to say, a large number of cameras, radars and sensors are cleverly integrated on the kidney grille. The “Shy Tech” invisible innovation technology integrated into the exterior design of the vehicle also includes embedded door handles, a windshield washer fluid filling port hidden under the BMW logo on the hood, and a rear-view camera integrated in the BMW logo on the tailgate.

Not only is the design clever, BMW iX also has a wild core. The innovative pure electric BMW iX is equipped with the latest fifth-generation eDrive electric drive system of the BMW Group and has a cruising range of over 600 kilometers under the WLTP standard. The dual-motor drive system brings a maximum output power of more than 370 kilowatts, accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers in less than 5 seconds, and consumes less than 21 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. In addition, thanks to the integrated roof combined with a slip-back shape and the latest generation of aerodynamic wheels, the BMW iX drag coefficient is as low as 0.25, which means that the BMW iX can bring a passenger car a speedy experience.

It is reported that the expanded application of the fifth-generation eDrive electric drive system, a modular electric drive technology, will also be equipped on BMW i4 and more models to ensure BMW’s electrification process. By 2023, the BMW Group will provide 25 electrified models. By 2030, the BMW Group’s electric vehicle sales will reach 7 million.

It is worth mentioning that BMW’s power system runs through the concept of sustainable development. The electric motor is completely designed, developed and produced by the BMW Group independently and does not contain rare earth materials. The production of cells and batteries uses 100% renewable electricity.

In the era of smart travel in the future, cars are no longer simple mobile tools, but more based on technological products as the final form of consideration. Digitization and intelligence have also become the focus of future travel. The birth of BMW iX proves that the BMW Group has the ability to perfectly combine digitalization and traditional automotive engineering design in the best way, turning cars into technological products, and creating sustainable, intelligent and enjoyable high-end travel experiences for consumers.

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