The difference between iphone and android and judge the superior smart device

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Why did you buy the phone you use today? A few years ago, I think when you choose which mobile phone, it mainly depends on which mobile phone is more resistant to fall, the mobile phone battery is more durable, or which model is more beautiful and so on. In today’s era of more and more advanced technology, people are becoming more picky about the selection of mobile phones. It is not only necessary to compare the appearance and configuration of the mobile phones mentioned above, but also to see whether the mobile phone system is useful. And the mobile phone systems we talk about in daily life are the Android system and the iOS system. In this world, some people prefer the system and some people prefer the iOS system. What is your most intuitive impression of Android and iOS systems? In fact, through the use of comparison, it is not difficult for us to find the difference between the two systems.

The Apple system is well-known for being closed. It has a strict authority management system and high security. The resources it possesses are exclusive, and the system can be further upgraded frequently. There are good things and bad things, and closure means innovation is difficult. The users of the iOS system have very limited early use. For a simple analogy, in the past, even the Jiugong input method had to be completed by going to the mobile phone store to jailbreak. Using your favorite photos to make the lock screen wallpaper is also your imagination. . In contrast, Android does not have a permission management system, and many software can be downloaded at will, so users feel very comfortable to use. At the same time, because there is no permission management, there are more and more junk files in the phone. After a long time, it is easy to crash and freeze. The iOS system is different. Fluency is synonymous with the Apple system. So when I mentioned the most obvious difference between the Android system and the iOS system to mobile phone users, it should be that Android is easy to freeze in the later stage, but Apple will not. The fatal problem of late card machine is also an important reason why there are always more Apple users than Android users in the early stage

Human wisdom is endless, and the level of science and technology has been improving. In the face of the Android system is easy to freeze, this loophole, Google has been working to solve this problem. After a long period of development and improvement, Google’s later Android 5.0 system has changed the previous Android system, and has greatly improved the problem of easy jams in the later period. Nowadays, the status of mobile phones using Android and Apple using iOS have undergone a disruptive change. There are more and more Android users. In the past, the Android system used the settings of the Apple system to learn from, but now it’s reversed, and the Apple system has also begun to learn from the settings of the Android system on a large scale. Take the recently released iOS14 as an example, we can clearly find that there is a very obvious shadow of the Android system, and even many of the Android systems have been available for a long time. Many users complained that there is nothing new about Apple’s system upgrade, and many fans are disappointed. So what is the appeal of the iOS system in the iPhone 12 this year?

Today, the public beta of iOS 14 has been officially released. We all know that the iPhone 12 uses the stable version of iOS 14. This makes many fans look forward to it. From the public beta, we know that the iOS 14 system improves the fluency of users. With the function of desktop widgets, and iOS 14 system also added a new resource library that can facilitate users to organize, this function, in fact, Android system has a long time ago, so for users who have used Android system, this It didn’t bring them too many surprises. Everyone has mixed reviews on this new feature of IOS. Some users who have been accustomed to the Apple system for a long time find it fancy, and some users feel that this is a performance of keeping up with the times. In daily life, it is very convenient to use and can be more Intuitive.

It is worth mentioning that iOS14 not only added new wallpapers, but also opened up the interface of third-party wallpapers, allowing users to have more wallpaper choices, no longer like before, only a few system wallpapers can be used. There is a choice, but this feature has appeared in Android systems long ago. And relatively speaking, iOS requires users to download wallpapers by themselves and then set them up, while Android users can easily download or customize various and a large number of wallpapers from the system. The Android system is Very user-friendly.

Users who have used Apple know that Apple has never allowed users to set third-party applications as the default applications. Now there have been obvious changes in the iOS 4 system, and the system has released this restriction. However, the Android system has achieved this early. Many times Android phone users choose to directly set third-party browsers and other software as default applications because they don’t like or are not used to using the official apps, which brings great convenience to users. At this point, the iOS 14 system There are still certain limitations.

It is speculated that in addition to learning from the Android system in various software, Apple will also learn from the hardware functions. According to the official news, if there is no delay for various reasons, there will be more than two months before the release of the iPhone 12, and today the new patent for Apple’s fingerprint has been exposed. As we all know, Android phones generally use under-screen fingerprint recognition. Many mid-to-high-end Android phones use under-screen fingerprint recognition as a fingerprint unlocking method. Only some mid-to-low-end phone models are used because of the high cost. Use fingerprint recognition technology to unlock the phone. Some netizens speculated that the iPhone 12 this time may use Android’s traditional under-screen fingerprint recognition method. If this is confirmed, then it is obvious that this is a reference to the Android system.

According to Apple’s official notification, 5G features will be added to the iPhone 12. This is the first 5G phone since Apple’s update. It seems that this is the biggest selling point of this iPhone 12 pre-sale. However, Huawei’s 5G technology has long been popular in my country. Last year, 5G mobile phones began to be promoted and used in the Chinese market. In major mobile phone flagship stores, there are not many 5G mobile phones with a price of 144.31 USD. Nowadays, users of 5G mobile phones are also very common, so at this point, the appeal of iPhone 12 is greatly discounted for Android users.

Through various information on the Internet, it is speculated that the appearance of the iPhone 12 will still maintain Liu Haiping, and the rear camera may also be the same as the iPhone 11. After the iPhone 11’s 3 camera appeared in the public’s view, people speculated that there might be one more camera on the iPhone 12 next time. However, this speculation is still consistent with the iPhone 11. Isn’t this extinguishing many people’s illusions?

All in all, the updates and changes brought by the iPhone 12 are not much different from the previous version, and to a large extent are similar to Android. What do you think of the iPhone 12 that will be released this time?

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