The idea of Startup and the theoretical foundation for big data, business modules, data center, and the data retrieval

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Basic Idea

First, you have to determine the core functions required by each module of your business operations, the business modules guarantee the basic service capabilities, and then extract and encapsulate the basic functions required by each business module, split out business services and public services, and support business capabilities.

The system splits the major parts of business activities into data centers and big data underlying capabilities and requires that there is no strong coupling relationship between each large module to ensure that the modules can be expanded independently

Then determine the mode of collaboration between the various modules, such as the communication capabilities between the business and the data center, interface standards, data security, and other details, or the data handling mode between the data center and the underlying big data, to ensure data circulation capabilities;

Finally, the specific details of each module are implemented. What needs to be considered is that according to the business model, if the same components and architecture methods can be selected, try to unify the architecture selection and component dependencies, and reduce the barriers between different modules

Different startup ideas have very big differences in their industry, specific business, development and management level, information level, and technical background.

Modules for startup operations

Customer operation

Payment and settlement

Order management

Permission system

Log integration

Different aspects of data retrieval

API service

Platform services

Customer-related data

Visual analysis

In this scenario, different businesses need data support in their respective scenarios, but different businesses need the same basic functions such as operations, settlement, orders. To understand different business scenarios, it is very simple to find common points and differences. The similarities are developed in public services, and the business differences are developed in independent services to facilitate the continuous expansion and evolution of the system.

Importance of data center

Different business modules need to rely on core data capabilities. The core data supporting capabilities are usually deployed separately and provide various service scenarios, which are usually understood as data centers. At the same time, business modules themselves will also generate various data.

Service capability

Deployment method

Data update

What modules needed for big data

The large volume of data requires massive data processing capabilities, so many big data component technologies are used to store, calculate, analyze, and move data.

Data storage

Computing power

Data handling

Digital Nomad

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