The iPhone 12 camera cannot be repaired and replaced by itself, and Apple may further restrict third-party repairs

Apple’s proprietary system configuration application linked to the cloud cannot be accessed, it will not be possible to repair the iPhone 12 camera, which may further restrict third-party repair agencies Help users to replace the camera module

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According to reports, after replacing parts, the iPhone 12 camera requires software authorization to operate normally, and the previous models are usually easily interchangeable between the same model of iPhone. When replacing the parts of the iPhone 12 camera without Apple’s official authorization, it seems to work normally at startup, but some malfunctions may occur during normal use. The camera cannot be switched to ultra-wide angle and can only work in certain camera modes.

It is not yet certain whether this is a design negligence or Apple deliberately. However even if the camera problem is only temporary, it is clear that Apple is seeking to maintain stricter controls on iPhone repairs. It is said that Apple’s latest iPhone 12 support internal training guide points out that repairing the camera or display will require Apple’s own internal system configuration application, and before that, the application was only required to replace the battery.

Apple has long restricted repairs to certain aspects of the iPhone, such as Touch ID and Face ID sensors, and prohibits third-party repairs for safety reasons. Although the key components of unlocking the iPhone do have additional security requirements and require Apple to repair them, there are few similar restrictions on the camera or battery.

However, this is not without precedent. For example, for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple uses three display suppliers that are not completely interchangeable. Therefore, do not rule out the camera problem may be the beginning of Apple’s further component restrictions.

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