The iPhone greatest phone model “iPhone6”

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Since Apple released the first generation of iPhone in 2007, Apple has released a new iPhone series almost every year, and 13 years have passed since then. The birth of the iPhone has changed the entire mobile phone industry, redefining the concept of smart phones, and has gained more than one billion iPhone users worldwide. In China, it’s hard to say that a person has been

I have never used an iPhone. This miracle created by Apple is beyond doubt, but have you ever wondered, in these 13 years, with so many iPhone models, which one is the greatest and the most sold? You may not guess the answer, but it is not surprising.

It is no surprise that the number one model is the iPhone6 ​​series released in 2014. iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6 ​​Plus jointly set a record of 222.4 million units, while the second-ranked iPhone6S series has only 12,497,1971 units, which is only half

Not to mention the sales of the next few iPhones, which have been declining. From this perspective, the iPhone 6 series is undoubtedly the most iPhone in history, although the significance of technological innovation may not be as good as the original iPhone

It is also as successful as the “iPhone4/4S” known as a work of art, but in terms of commercial value, the iPhone 6 series has reached a high level, no matter whether it is Apple’s other iPhone itself or other brands of mobile phones, it cannot be compared with it. Unattainable height. On the other hand, the success of the iPhone 6 series lies in its service life. It was released 6 years ago.

Although it was terminated by Apple to upgrade the latest iOS14 system, it stopped at iOS13. But it seems that there is no smart phone on the market that can be used for 6 years and can still be used normally. Normal here means that iPhone 6 can still install mainstream apps

And it runs smoothly, especially the iPhone 6 Plus with larger memory. It also has a 5.5-inch screen and an A8 dual-core processor. Running the iOS system can squeeze the last point of its hardware performance.

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