The new apple iPhone SEs, does apple is panicked

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It has been more than ten years since the development of smart phones. Thousands of mobile phone brands have come in and out, but only a few are left. The market position of major brands has fluctuated, and it is stronger than Apple, the pioneer of smart phones and the vane. Now it has fallen to third in market share. What is more terrifying than the decline in market share ranking is the continued decline of Apple’s iPhone worldwide. If Apple does not make changes, then there is no guarantee that Apple’s future market will be eroded by the Android camp.

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For Apple, the high-end flagship market is obviously no longer necessary. After all, the iPhone has always been the master of high-end flagships. According to the “High-end flagship smartphone market report for the first quarter of 2020” previously released by Counterpoint Research, an internationally renowned research institution In the first quarter of 2020, Apple’s market share of high-end flagship smartphones (above US$400) is as high as 57%, nearly 60%; Samsung’s market share is only 19%; market share is 12%; OPPO and Xiaomi’s market share Only 3% and 2% respectively.

In other words, Apple’s high-end market is close to saturation, it is difficult to go further with the iPhone, and if you want to increase the iPhone’s market share, Apple’s best solution is to sink the market, which is what we call the mid-range. market. Earlier this year, Apple released the second-generation iPhone SE, priced at only 476.07 USD. The price on third-party e-commerce platforms has repeatedly fallen below 450 USD, making it the most cost-effective A13 bionic processor model at the time. Sought after by many pollen, coupled with repeated price cuts of the iPhone 11, Apple’s smartphone sales have been rising.

Another research data from Counterpoint Research shows that from April to June this year, iPhone sales in China totaled 7.4 million units, a year-on-year increase of 32%. It was the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer in China in the second quarter. Thanks to the popularity of the cheap iPhone SE and iPhone 11 series, coupled with substantial discounts, helped Apple gain a boost in one of its most important markets.

However, this is clearly not enough for Apple. According to the leaker, Apple is developing three brand new iPhone SE models with various screen sizes and Touch ID options. The smallest iPhone SE is 5.5 inches in size, which is slightly larger than the rumored smallest iPhone 12. It will be equipped with an A14 bionic processor and dual lenses with telephoto and wide-angle lenses. It will also include a Touch ID home button. The overall design style Similar to the 2020 iPhone SE.

For those Apple users who like a larger screen, the 6.1-inch iPhone SE may be more interesting. There are rumors that this phone uses a design similar to the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, and is also equipped with an A14 bionic processor. With dual cameras (telephoto and wide-angle), it will still have Touch ID. Unlike the 5.5-inch iPhone SE, the 6.1-inch iPhone SE embeds the sensor in the side button, which is what we call side fingerprint recognition.

The third iPhone SE model will have the same design and specifications as other 6.1-inch iPhone SE models. The only difference is that it uses under-screen fingerprint technology, which will also be the highest in the entire iPhone SE type.

Apple updated the iPhone SE 2020 earlier this year, so these new models are not expected to debut until the second quarter of 2021. However, these models may only be in the early stages of Apple’s testing and manufacturing, and some of these models may not pass the preliminary test stage. Since iPhone SE is an important model used by Apple to impact the mid-range market, Apple will set the price in a more reasonable acceptable range. Sources said that Apple is trying to keep the price below $500, which is consistent with the current iPhone SE 2020 starting price tag of $400.

For a long time, Apple was the dominant player in the machine industry. Even today, Apple is still at the leader of the entire industry, but it has to face the dilemma of continuous decline in market share, which is why Apple in recent years. The reason why the price of products has been continuously reduced and mid-range products have been launched. At the same time, we have to admit that Apple’s approach is indeed effective, and the mid-range market that Apple hits is also the core market that domestic flagship mobile phones attach the most importance to.

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