The official version of the original Apple ios13.6.1 system

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When everyone thought that iOS 13.6 was the last version, they never thought that iOS 13.6.1 would be released. Before that, I mentioned that there will be iOS 13.6.1. Because many tester found iOS 13.6 kernel vulnerabilities on Twitter, so IOS 13.6.1 fix will be introduced. Since the release of iOS 13.4, many friends have reported that the screen has turned green, and more and more. The problem mainly occurs at the moment when the screen is unlocked, or when the screen becomes dark. Friends who have a green screen can upgrade to iOS 13.6.1.

At present, Apple iOS 14 has released the fourth beta version, which looks more perfect than iOS 13. This is also Apple’s most ambitious upgrade in years, bringing home screen widgets, application drawers (also known as “application libraries”), compact calls and Siri notifications, picture-in-picture videos, information updates, and bike routes. To Apple Maps, advanced language translation and more.

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The biggest change in upgrading to iOS13.6.1 is that the phone’s heat is not serious! Compared with the previous version of iOS 13.6, this version should fix the heat caused by the AM scheduling of the memory that Apple officially advertises. If your iPhone is very hot, personally recommend you to consider upgrading to the latest iOS 13.6.1 version! In addition to the heat problem, the fluency and battery life of the entire mobile phone have been improved compared to before, and the memory occupied by “system other” has also been greatly reduced.

Fix the problem of not being able to free up storage space. If the iPhone always prompts that there is insufficient space, you can upgrade. In the original 13.6, many users were unable to automatically free up space when the feedback space was insufficient during the upgrade. This caused inconvenience to users with small memory. This problem was solved this time. When the system storage is insufficient, the system will automatically free up the free space. Space for mobile phone use. Solved the problem of the screen turning green. After iOS 13.4 was released, some users experienced the problem of the screen turning green, and more and more after that. The problem mainly occurs at the moment when the screen is unlocked, or when the screen becomes dark. Users with a green screen can upgrade to iOS 13.6.1.

Many of these upgrades fill the gap between iOS and Android, but iOS 14 also highlights Apple’s significant advantage over its competitors: compatibility with previous models. Although Android phone manufacturers started to provide support for up to three years, iOS 14 will once again support all iOS 13 compatible iPhones. Yes, this means that the 2015 iPhone 6S will continue to undergo functional and security updates in 2021. this is very good.

This year’s iPhone 12 series will be postponed to go on sale, the current news is in early October. Previously, it was reported that IOS 14 should not wait for the release of iPhone 12, and it is expected to debut early. If there are no major BUG issues before the official release of IOS 14, it is estimated that Apple will not update IOS 13. If your mobile phone encounters the above problems, it is still recommended to upgrade. After all, this may be the best version of IOS 13.

I got promoted today, mini4. After the wifi upgrade, I felt almost lost, and it seemed a little dragged after a few swipes. Fever problem, after playing in the tribe, eating chicken, hot hands are still hot, on the right hand side of the motherboard. Then I feel something is wrong. Try to use the computer flat brush. After downloading and brushing the system with more than 3g, I feel hot after eating chicken at night, and the sliding is smooth… Finally, the problem of power failure I now have 84% of the original battery health. Concerned, I can’t feel the power consumption opinion

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