The relationship between HTML5 and HTML, css, JavaScript

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Recently I started to learn HTML5, and I have mastered some knowledge of HTML and css, but this does not allow us to learn a user-interactive interface. The second stage is learning, which is used to control the control and the user to interact. To use the metaphor of building a building, HTML knowledge has been framed, and CSS has been refined. Java is the property management of the community and is responsible for communicating with the residents of the community.

Our principle of writing pages is that we can use CSS to implement it without js. This is because the implementation speed of CSS is much higher than that of js. But in some cases we have to use js. For example, when the page jumps with parameters, we can implement it through the localtion object of the window object. For another example, we need to load the product list page, and the effect of writing as static is obviously not up to the requirement.

Because we don’t know how much data there is, the end of this time can help us solve this problem perfectly. To request json data through js’s ajax, you don’t need to consider how much data there is, just set up the structure and framework, and use the for loop to inject the data into the east gate node.

In the actual development of the project, we will use multiple pages and various resources. It is more troublesome to manage by ourselves. At this time, it is very convenient to use the third-party module gulp of node.js. We only need to configure it at the beginning gulpfile, js can write projects smoothly. The second stage is a very important stage, because the knowledge of the third stage is expanded on the second stage. For example, the grammar, deconstruction and arrow functions of es6 in the secondary segment, and the new grammar of es6 strings. These are often used in the three stages. Only by laying a solid foundation can you be able to do well in the subsequent learning.

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