The world premiere of DDR5 memory! Single 256GB, 5600MHz

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On July 15, the JEDEC Solid State Storage Association officially released the DDR5 SDRAM memory standard specification, which opened the prelude to the new era of PC.

According to the specification, the frequency (data transfer rate) of DDR5 memory starts at 3200MHz, which is the limit of the DDR4 standard, and can reach up to 6400MHz. According to convention, actual products will greatly exceed this level, and the voltage will be further reduced from 1.2V to 1.1V. The capacity of a single Die is 8–32Gb (1–4GB).

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Today, South Korean storage giant SK Hynix announced that it has officially released the world’s first DDR5 memory, with frequency, capacity, energy efficiency and functional technology reaching a whole new level.

SK Hynix’s first DDR5 memory module is in the form of RDIMM for servers and data centers. It is based on 16Gb particles manufactured by the 1Ynm process and has a single capacity of 64GB. With the help of TSV silicon via technology, it can reach up to 256GB.

In terms of frequency, the starting point is 4800MHz, and the highest is 5600MHz, which is equivalent to transmitting 9 full HD movies in one second.

The voltage is the standard 1.1V, which can reduce power consumption by 20%.

Since it is an RDIMM memory module, it naturally supports ECC error correction, even a 1-bit error can be corrected by itself, and the application reliability is claimed to be increased by 20 times.

Timing has not been announced. DDR5–4800 in the JEDEC specification corresponds to three timing specifications, 34–34–34, 40–40–40, 42–42–42.

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