TIKTOK, As part of the transaction, the buying company should pay “large amounts of money” to the federal government

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On August 3, local time, Trump said: “Unless Microsoft or other companies can buy TikTok and conclude a deal, TikTok will be forced to close its US business on September 15.”

In the past, it was aimed at Huawei, because Huawei’s 5G technology is ahead of the United States. Now TikTok is facing a more naked and domineering act than Huawei: “grab”.

How popular is TikTok overseas? Let’s take a look at a set of data As of April this year, TikTok’s total global downloads have exceeded 2 billion. In the first quarter of 2020, TikTok’s global downloads reached 315 million, while similar social applications Facebook downloaded 186 million. , Instagram is 152 million.

It can be said that TikTok left all Facebook and others far behind and saw such a record; capital can no longer be restrained! It can be said that the greedy saliva no longer needs to be concealed!

The United States has a lot of experience in “robbing” other countries. In the past, it was only secretly “robbing” through obscure means. For example, the French giant Alstom. Alstom’s global influence once surpassed General Electric. It was ultimately defeated by the so-called “long-arm jurisdiction”. It had to sell its own assets cheaply. The acquisition of these high-quality assets was precisely what happened. General Electric. There are many similar unseen incidents in Europe, including the “Beixi 2” natural gas pipeline project currently underway.

Unlike Alstom, Trump no longer does any cover up when it comes to TikTok. Under such arrogant pressure, the ugly side of capital has been exposed without any credit. Not only was the “grabbing” blatant, but even the profit sharing afterwards was clearly marked! Look at what Trump said:

As part of the transaction, the buying company should pay “large amounts of money” to the federal government.

How can it be possible to sell a good price under pressure? The most important thing is that overseas TikTok is now one of the most profitable companies in the world, and Trump’s words mean: “Obviously, I have done a lot of money. For the business I came here, I knew it was unfair, but I was able to get a lot of payment.”

Trump, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street have reached the point of blatant robbery and sharing a “feast” of hundreds of billions of dollars, and there is nothing left behind.

Fair competition, however, is to “grab” directly, even if there is no evidence, but to produce evidence. Lies are their best evidence; there is also the so-called fair principle of market economy that they advocate.

The essence of the terrible epidemic has been thoroughly seen. On August 3, local time, Trump boasted that the work done by the United States in responding to the new crown pneumonia epidemic was “amazing”.

“We are doing very well in this country. We are not being praised. It is not me. I am not talking about myself. If you look at the countries where the number of new crowns has surged now-that is the country that you said is doing well. Italy , Spain, France, Germany, their new crown cases are also on the rise, and many other countries are like this.”

To what extent can this skill be practiced to speak without shame!

There are no principles anymore, and there are cases like BYD’s masks, which are all a scam. It is possible to use scams to perfection, and there is no such thing as authorization. These improper and shameless methods seem to have gained a lot, but in the future they will lose more.

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