Tiktok, how to ban user

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks online, especially among young users. It is a video-based social network that allows users to create and broadcast short messages ranging from 15 seconds to a full minute to their fans and followers. Video clips that attract viewers when they are posted on the platform. Since merging with the previous (and similar) social network Musical.ly, TikTok has become very popular, in September, in terms of total monthly downloads in October 2018, It has surpassed apps like Facebook and Instagram.

This popularity is largely attributed to teenagers. Young people in their twenties, due to their young population, can create based on popular media (including music, stand-up, TV clips) or popular media The ability of the content attracted the site. , And more) and replace the service with a video sharing network that exists in the void created by Vine’s death.

Of course, TikTok should hardly need introduction now. TechJunkie has a lot of reports on the app, and it is becoming more and more popular. The spiritual and actual successor to Music.ly, a music video app for teenagers that allows you to record videos and upload them to the platform for everyone to watch. Starting from lip-sync video, it has expanded to a variety of things.

This is a social network, so its DNA has built-in functions such as being liked, attracting followers, chatting, and following. TikTok is less like marketing themselves like Facebook or LinkedIn, but more like making great videos and letting them speak for themselves. The better the content you upload, the more followers you attract and the more fans you get.

Since TikTok can be monetized, if you are good enough and have a high level of participation on the platform, you can also make money from it.

Remove the fan on TikTok

Back to the present. Dealing with troublesome fans. Deleting them may be troublesome, but it may be necessary. This is not something you want to accomplish easily, but if needed, this is the way to delete followers in TikTok.

Now, the fan will not be able to see any content you upload, nor can they interact with you on TikTok. Hope this is enough to get things back to normal.

If you are on the other end of the equation, you can easily become a fan of the people you follow on TikTok. Users come and go, and upload the app, it seems to upload dozens of great videos, then get bored, and move on. If they are unwilling to reward you with rich content, then becoming a fan is meaningless!

To stop being a fan, just un follow them.

This is instant, so after you select the second person to follow, you no longer follow that person. There is no confirmation or “Are you sure?” prompt, it just happened. But this may change, but it is the case in the current version.

Dealing with negativity on TikTok

Overall, TikTok is actually an active social network. Of course, it has the same functions as other platforms, but in general, it’s just that people like to create and watch each other’s content. Among all social media communities, TikTok has one of the best social media communities. But this does not mean that you will not feel trouble or experience toxicity.

You can remove the fans as described above, or you can fix them and ignore them.

Don’t feed the troll -this is a tired bachelor, but this is because it is still very real. Most toxic people online will react there. They feed on this reaction and encourage them to want more. This is a well-known feedback loop in psychology. All you need to do is break this cycle by not giving them the feedback they need. Ignore them, they will really disappear. Well, 99.99% of them are still OK. There is always one…

Respond humorously -if ignoring them is not a problem, then using humor to your advantage may be the answer. Negative people have only power given by others. If you can offer an interesting or smarter answer, you can deny the power of the troll. If you want to see its actual effect, please read any response to the trolls by JK Rowling on Twitter. She is an expert in this area!

Report and move on -you can help some people, but not others. If you try to make friends and try to repair any damage caused, but the troll is still causing trouble, please report to them and move on. Use the methods above to stop them, report them, and focus on active people on Tik Tok. There are more troublemakers than them.

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