TIKTOK is the greatest threat

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Yesterday there was news that Microsoft had suspended the acquisition of TikTok’s US business. Today, Microsoft announced on its official website After Microsoft CEO and Trump discussed, Microsoft will continue to negotiate with ByteDance to seek the possibility of acquiring TikTok’s US business. .

Although Trump gave ByteDance 45 days of negotiation time, the US Committee on Foreign Investment, which oversees the negotiations, has the right to prevent any agreement from being reached. This shows that bytedance on the negotiating table actually has no right to speak.

Regardless of whether the final outcome is an acquisition or a ban, when Trump issued a ban on TikTok on Air Force One, Bytedance was already a loser.

Who is the worst in international politics today? The Trump administration can definitely rank first.

The fight against the epidemic is not active and the human rights issues of blacks are not handled properly. Trump’s popular support rate continues to decline. In the face of the upcoming presidential election, the Trump administration is eager to change its image to restore approval ratings.

However, there are many videos about the fight against the epidemic and the human rights of blacks circulating on TikTok. It is like a sharp knife that hurts the heart of the US government, and it also affects a large number of voters. In the United States, TikTok users are mainly teenagers. Most people don’t like Trump.

So banning TikTok is naturally the result Trump wants to see most.

On June 20, Trump held a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a result, only 6,200 people came to the scene, and the stadium with a capacity of 19,000 was empty-compared to the previous campaign The team claimed that a total of one million people had booked tickets for the rally, which also made Trump very embarrassed in front of many media.

In response to this matter, many American media mentioned that after the announcement of Trump’s campaign rally on June 11, a user named MaryJo Laupp on TikTok posted a video to encourage people to make appointments and then gave a speech. On the same day collectively “release pigeons”.

This video gained high popularity overnight, and a large number of imitation videos appeared on TikTok and other social applications.

Although there is no direct evidence that the low attendance rate of the campaign rally is directly related to the incident on social media, the Trump campaign office immediately ran campaign ads on Facebook, calling on voters to boycott and block TikTok.

Beginning in early July, the Trump administration began a series of measures against TikTok. As the parent company, Bytedance has been taking corresponding measures, and even hopes to fully Americanize TikTok, but it still cannot stop Trump from banning it.

There are still more than 90 days before the general election . If TikTok can be successfully turned off before the general election, this will be beneficial to the presidential campaign. After all, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by relying on Twitter last time.

Water can carry boats and water can overturn the boats. Trump, nicknamed “Twitter governs the country,” naturally knows the power of social media. He will never allow a social software that he cannot control to become a variable that affects the election, especially this software. Have Chinese ancestry.

In addition to Trump, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg is also sparing no effort to promote the ban on TikTok. As a commercial competitor, Facebook feels the pressure from Bytedance.

In a survey in September last year, only 2% of Americans believed that TikTok was their most common social platform. By March of this year, 27% of Americans aged 13 to 35 had used TikTok.

TikTok’s rapid and shocking growth naturally attracted Zuckerberg’s fear.

In the first quarter of this year, TikTok was downloaded approximately 315 million times, setting a global historical record, 26% higher than the following WhatsApp downloads, which is one of Facebook’s social matrix. Every time TikTok adds a new user, it is taking away the market share of Facebook products, which is naturally a phenomenon Zuckerberg does not want to see.

Previously, in order to bring Facebook back to the Chinese market, Zach Burke tried his best to establish the image of a “good son-in-law in China”, speaking Chinese and eating Chinese food. After FaceBook failed to enter China, his attitude has also changed dramatically.

At the end of July this year, four technology giants including Facebook, Apple, Google, and Amazon gathered for an antitrust hearing in the U.S. Congress. When a congressman asked whether he thought China had stolen U.S. technology, the CEOs of the other three companies said no, only Zha Kerberk said that China’s stealing of technology from American technology companies is “proven.” From the benefit point of view, Google’s Android platform, Apple’s software and hardware, and Amazon’s logistics are all connected to the Chinese market. Only Facebook did not get the slightest benefit from China, and even was threatened by TikTok in the United States.

Facts have proved that all performances are for the benefit behind.

When TikTok moved the cheese of a capital giant like Facebook in the United States, they naturally didn’t want this kind of company to affect their status, and even used non-market means.

Previously, because a large number of advertisers were removed from Facebook, Zuckerberg urgently needed to please the Trump administration to win the market, and Trump also needed the support of Jewish businessmen like Zuckerberg. In this year’s general election, Facebook will use its platform to simultaneously grasp the advantages of data and trends on both sides to help Trump re-elect. In return, Trump will kill Facebook’s biggest competitor.

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