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I don’t know if Twitter is eyeing Trump, or Trump has trouble with Twitter. On the contrary, Trump and Twitter did it!

“Looking at the so-called’trends’ (hot search list) on Twitter is really disgusting. There are too many hot searches about me, but nothing good. They go find anything they can find and try Possibly mess it up, then let it’explode’, trying to become a hot search.” Trump criticized, “It’s ridiculous, illegal, and of course very unfair!”

Trump’s bombardment of Twitter this time is actually a little bit ridiculous.Twitter made Trump on the hot search, and it has been on a lot of hot searches, is Twitter wrong? From Trump’s point of view, Twitter is not only wrong, but also grossly wrong, because none of Trump’s good things on the hot search are all critics of Trump.

However, Trump should also think about it What good did he do? What they did was throwing the pot, spreading rumors, lying, and smearing things. There was almost no good deeds. What is on the hot search is not a bad thing. If there is no good deed, it is impossible to have a good thing about Trump on the hot search, right? Don’t Trump think about this simple truth?

All Twitter searches are bad things about Trump, and Trump should have reflected and corrected it. However, Trump instead angered, blamed, and bombarded Twitter. Of course, Twitter did not buy Trump’s account — Twitter bought Trump’s account, and the general public would not buy Twitter’s account!

According to US media reports, during Trump’s presidency, he has made more than 20,000 false or misleading statements especially during the global outbreak, Trump made more than 1,000 false or misleading statements within a few months. Remarks such as “the new crown virus will disappear in April”, “the infection rate in the United States is very low”, “injection of disinfectant can treat the new crown pneumonia”, and “the White House controls the epidemic very well”. Twitter let these things posted by Trump appear to the public, which is itself a negligence of Twitter. No matter how Twitter cares about Trump, the public will have to scold his mother.

Since the beginning of this year, especially in the last two or three months, Twitter has repeatedly attacked Trump in order to reduce or even prevent Trump from sending false information and prevent false information from misleading the public. The US epidemic is so severe that Trump is the culprit, and Twitter has acted as an accomplice. For example, Trump said that the injection of disinfectant can treat the new crown virus, and when an American injects the disinfectant, not only did it not cure the new crown virus, but when something went wrong, Trump refused to admit it and said it was a joke. How can Twitter tolerate Trump joking like this, he must be attacked!

On May 26, Twitter marked Trump’s two tweets about mailing presidential election votes that day as “un conclusive,” claiming that Trump’s tweets contained “potentially misleading information” about the election. This is the first time that Twitter has “labeled” Trump’s tweets, and it is also the first time that Twitter has attacked Trump. Since then, Twitter has been out of control and has dealt a heavy blow to Trump. Especially on July 18th, a Trump campaign video was banned from Twitter due to copyright issues, which made Trump even more embarrassed. Trump is eager to be re-elected, how can a special tweet ban Trump’s campaign video?

In fact, it is not Twitter who is eyeing Trump, but Trump’s violation of Twitter rules. Sadly, Trump did not recognize his problem, and instead threatened to shut down Twitter. However, Twitter is not scary, it is not Trump that can be shut down if he wants to shut it down.

As the U.S. epidemic rebounds severely and as the U.S. election draws closer, there will be more and more conflicts between Trump and Twitter. On the one hand, Trump wants to fight against his rival Biden. See who can have the last laugh; on the other hand, Trump has to do a lot with Twitter, the 74-year-old man, where is there so much energy? Besides, Twitter was the biggest contributor to Trump’s 2016 election!

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