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According to the World Wide Web, at the briefing on the epidemic held at the White House, Trump opened his eyes and said nonsense again. A media reporter from the US “Huffington Post” issued a soul torture, asking Trump whether he would have regretted all kinds of panic on all Americans. Trump was silent on this for a long time, and then pointed out it’s not me, next.

The situation in the United States is not optimistic, and all kinds of false information at the moment are undoubtedly one of the “culprits” of the current situation. Among these false information, the information sent by President Trump himself on various occasions obviously occupies a considerable part. “Disinfectant injection for the treatment of new crowns”, a lie that you would not believe with a little bit of common sense, has happened after dozens of incidents after Trump raised it. To this day, there are still one or two news cases from time to time. This shows its influence among the American people. The seemingly innocuous rhetoric of “childhood immunization against the new crown” has already affected many Americans and even chief executives in various places. There are not a few people in the media who oppose Taiwan for this.

According to media statistics, only during the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump has published nearly a thousand false or misleading statements similar to “the United States is the world’s number one in dealing with the pandemic”, not to mention that under his guidance, he the spokesperson and Secretary of State Pompeo even promoted and exported many false information for the media on his platform. And Trump’s recent behavior seems to intend to extend political propaganda and misleading hands to cyberspace. When his people have the ability to see the truth of the matter on the “free” Internet, the Internet has long been full. Fortunately, many people and the media were on the side of the facts when the secret traps and propaganda campaigns of the US intelligence agencies took place.

In this short period of three and a half years, Trump has not only tried to make misleading and false remarks internally and to the American people. Public opinion on the diplomatic level is also his “main battlefield.” All made him feel “not Satisfied countries, politicians and even leaders will be discredited by him on social media or in some public occasions with some “unnecessary” names, such as the “Russia Gate” and “Russia” that have been debated in the US government for several years. Cyber ​​attacks”, Iran’s Soleimani’s “terrorist actions” against his own people, etc. Since Trump took office, nearly 20,000 similar misleading statements and false statements have been directly released by Trump through various channels.

It can even be said that Trump’s so-called “government of the country” is actually to achieve his own goals by inciting domestic and foreign public opinion and “lie”, as his Secretary of State Pompeo said, “We lie, we deceive, We steal…this is the glory of America.” It can be seen from this that the US government under Trump’s leadership is essentially a lobbyist or businessman who lobbies to achieve certain political or economic goals, and does not care about specific policies and actual effects on the American people. “Making America great again” and “America first” are nothing more than stepping stones to the hope that “famous names will go down in history.”

The desire is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. The United States has never been a great country. It has always been a great country with the support of a great people. When the United States had great scientific masters such as Einstein and finally ended World War II, it stood on the commanding heights of morality, but the black people in USA had not yet escaped segregation and educational discrimination. When the United States was founded, the whites were free, and the blacks were just another master who oppressed themselves. But now, while talking about America’s greatness, Trump lied to the people and used people’s lives to save the economy, as if saying, “It will not be me who solves the problem, but the next American president.”

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