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Because of its special international status, the United States has always been very willful in its behavior, and Trump has become even more willful and reckless after he took office! Even many Americans can’t understand, they still don’t want to believe that such a thing was chosen by themselves! They are very suspicious of Trump’s spirit and IQ! Many people even directly call on the president to be checked, maybe they will be diagnosed with mental illness or low IQ! This is a stark insult to Trump! With more and more voices of doubt, Trump may also realize that some proof is needed!

Recently, Trump actually accepted an IQ test. This news aroused widespread attention among Americans in an instant. Many people may never have imagined that the President of the United States would one day be questioned about the IQ test and had to accept the IQ test. It is said that Americans really know how to play, and only after they have been selected did they find that they have selected a guy with a worrying IQ! But yesterday, Trump’s test results have come out. Trump said he was very proud, and he also called out his competitor Biden, asking him to also accept an IQ test, which shows that Trump’s test results should be very good. This makes the American popular even more angry!

If IQ is okay, it means that Trump is deliberately engaging them! Trump received the IQ test at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. After the results came out, Trump was complacent because his doctor said his IQ was good enough, but the White House did not allow the specific data of this test to be released. Therefore, Trump can only have a mouthful, which makes Trump feel very upset. It is already a humiliation for a president of a country to be questioned about his IQ. Now he can prove that he cannot publish the data. It is really aggrieved!

It is reported that Trump’s test is the most commonly used, mainly to detect whether a person’s cognitive function is defective. This hospital may also be not interested in Trump’s true IQ, as long as it proves that he is a normal person. The test has a total of 30 items, and it only takes 10 minutes. When many 4–5 year-old children are underdeveloped, parents will take them to do it. There is not much difficulty at all, but in Trump Under the intentional exaggeration of myself and the White House, it seems that Trump is detected as the next Einstein, but it is not necessary! Many people suspect that the US government is taking this to divert people’s attention from the epidemic!

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