Trump staring to create new American political storm, TIKTOK suppressing man-oeuvre

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After entering the U.S. market for just over two years, the download volume of TikTok, has been on the rise. It has become a major player in the competition with the major social giants in the U.S., and has attracted a lot of teenagers and young people. However, when it came out in early July that the Trump administration was going to block TikTok, the young Americans on TikTok immediately quit.

In a rage, they launched the Twitter topic “Save TikTok” (#SaveTiktok), and organized a wave of “retaliation” campaigns for the Trump campaign app and Trump Hotel for negative reviews. As news of the ban on TikTok has been further confirmed in recent days, some TikTok users have also recorded videos saying that if Trump does implement the “ban order”, they will appear in the White House to confront Trump. Even Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of White House adviser Kylian Conway, also joined this “retaliatory” operation.

How popular is TikTok among young people in the United States? In the first quarter of this year, TikTok was downloaded approximately 315 million times, setting a global historical record. 26% more downloads than the next WhatsApp.

TikTok has been downloaded more than 165 million times in the United States, and there are 65–80 million monthly active users sharing videos in the United States. Another US survey data shows that TikTok users over the age of 18 have a cumulative browsing time of 858 minutes per month, which means that a single user watches more than 13 hours a month.

“For American Millennials and Generation Z , TikTok is our club,” said 19-year-old TikTok user Yori Blacc from California.

However, in early July, the Trump administration targeted TikTok under the pretext of “national security” and threatened to block it. After the news came out, it caused dissatisfaction among the majority of TikTok American users. They launched the topic of “Saving TikTok” on Twitter and initiated the “retaliation” action.

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Braque said, “If Trump dares to provoke TikTok, we will fight back.” In an interview with US media, he said that when TikTok popular user DeJuan Booker (DeJuan Booker) also joined the operation, the “retaliation” activity escalated.

In early July, Booker released a video tutorial on how to give negative reviews to the Trump campaign app, which listed detailed operating instructions, such as the first step find the Trump campaign app in the app store the second step Write a review for the app Step 3: Give the app a star. The video has reached 5.6 million views.

In the video, Booker also shouted to his 750,000 fans to participate in the “retaliation” operation together, saying that “Gen Z will not lose without a fight” and “go to fight together.”

Fans responded to Booker’s call. Within a few days, thousands of TikTok American users flooded into the Apple App Store and gave the Trump campaign app a star rating.

The campaign app download page is full of bad reviews such as “bad app” and “don’t download”. Some also mentioned TikTok, saying, “He (Trump) banned TikTok”, “He drove away our favorite app, so we have to oust him”

The retaliatory activity of “brushing bad reviews” once caused a surge in downloads of the Trump campaign app. According to the Sensor Tower store intelligence data, its ranking in the Apple Store at the time rose from 486th to second.

In early July, the Trump campaign app received a total of 103,000 one-star reviews in the evaluation area of ​​the Apple App Store, with an overall score of only 1.2. The Apple App Store deleted a lot of bad reviews after discovering it, but the score only rose to 1.5.

In addition to capturing the campaign app, some young people also ran to give Trump’s hotel a star others called on everyone to call the front desk of the Trump hotel to keep them busy and unable to receive customers, etc.

It can be seen how dissatisfied young Americans are with the decision to ban TikTok. The New York Times reported that for young people who were isolated at home during the epidemic, TikTok was a channel for their creative expression and interpersonal communication during months of online teaching and social isolation.

17-year-old Ashleigh Hunniford, who has 400,000 fans, said, “If TikTok is really banned, I’m like losing a group of very close friends. I also lost to gain a lot of fans. And all the efforts made.”

For another group of people, using TikTok is their livelihood. Hootie Hurley, a 21-year-old with more than 1.1 million fans, said, “TikTok allows us to feed ourselves… It played a big role during the quarantine period.”

On the evening of July 31, Trump announced plans to ban TikTok from operating in the United States. Many TikTok American users were “frightened” after learning the news. They used live broadcasts or uploaded videos to express their concerns about this favorite and dependent app or being blocked.

Tyler Nyx, 22-year-old TikTok with 400,000 fans, expressed her thoughts on the “ban order” in one word heartbreaking.

Some users tried to transfer their followers on TikTok, calling on them to pay attention to their accounts on other social platforms. Some people said “Don’t panic”, you can establish a virtual network (VPN), you can still use TikTok as usual after being banned.

Others express their dissatisfaction in the form of humorous and satirical video, saying that if Trump really implements the “ban”, they will appear in the White House to confront Trump. The video imagined them appearing in the White House waving a pan at Trump.

White House consultant Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter, Claudia Conway, also joined the “retaliation” operation, recording multiple videos mocking Trump and TikTok’s “ban order”.

Others tweeted sarcastically that Trump’s ban on TikTok solved the problem that the United States has always had headaches, that is, how to motivate young people to vote. “He awakened the giant in deep sleep.” This tweet has received tens of thousands of re-post and more than 50,000 likes.

Some usersleft a message below saying that TikTok was taken away from the teenagers during the epidemic isolation period… This is an extremely stupid decision made by someone who specializes in stupid actions.

And the 18-year-old TikTok user Darius Jackson from Illinois said that he does not think Trump banned TikTok for “national security”, and that he was retaliating against some activism on TikTok and those that were not good for his election. Video.

Jackson also said that this is the first year he can vote in the general election, and the activism on TikTok will bring about a big change in this election

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