U.S. certified UFO exist, major evidences, photos and videos revealed

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Are the unidentified flying objects found on the earth a fantasy in human’s own mind or real aliens? The existence of aliens and UFOs has aroused great discussion in the scientific community, and countless people are on the way to prove their existence or non-existence.

In a scientific report in the United States on December 30, 2019, it was pointed out that there was another UFO incident in Nevada, USA. This incident also caused a lot of heated discussion because there are too many Americans. The public saw this phenomenon. Some witnesses also recorded a six-minute video record. At the same time, it was also reported that the same phenomenon occurred near Guam. A ball of light flashed from the sky, and accompanied by the sound of an explosion, made everyone’s suspicions constantly appear.

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What happened to these UFOs? And what exactly are these events seen in the eyes of humans? Among the American people’s eagerness to know the answer, the US government has indeed changed the norm this time to confirm the existence of the UFO video. However, they avoided talking about what UFOs are, leaving only people’s constant guessing about what they see in their eyes.

In fact, these unidentified flying objects have often occurred in this area of ​​the United States. Many people have become accustomed to it, but this is the first time such a clear incident. No wonder why the American people have such a big reaction. There are some more clear-minded American people who think it is caused by some meteorites or meteor fragments from outer space passing through the earth? Some scientists gave a negative answer. It was definitely not caused by meteorite fragments falling on the earth.

The phenomenon of aliens is uncertain, and the phenomenon caused by the meteorite falling on the earth has been denied by scientists, and there is only one last explanation left. But the specific situation still needs further research.

In the past few years, there have been too many UFOs, whether too many aliens exist or not, which has caused too many controversies. But these actual phenomena tell us that many UFOs are all It is caused by natural phenomena on the earth, or when other countries test a certain science and technology. But ordinary people don’t know it, so there are so many questions in the clouds.

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