United States will fall into an unprecedented crisis, Trump failure

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Some time ago, the number of infected people in the US epidemic has reached 2.63 million, and the number of deaths has exceeded 120,000. The number of cases in the United States has surged in recent months, and the situation will be more severe than in April, or it will usher in a new epidemic peak. Faced with this situation, Trump still does not think about how to effectively organize prevention and control, to ensure the safety of the people, and is still busy looking for a new back-boiler. In his view, this time the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is most suitable as a target.

Because of the epidemic this year, everyone is in a panic. The sudden spread of viruses and terror will inevitably make people feel at a loss. However, with the passage of time, under the joint efforts of various countries, the virus has been effectively controlled, and people’s lives have gradually returned to the right track. But there was one country that was still in crisis until June, and that was the United States.

Since the outbreak in the United States, it has been almost out of control. People in deep water have been protesting, and riots have occurred throughout the United States. The shops on the street were ransacked, and the lives and property of the people were seriously threatened, but the White House turned a blind eye to this, thinking only about how to restart the economy in the outbreak. Hospitals everywhere need to face patients who are constantly being imported. The shortage of equipment and manpower is already overwhelming. The medical system has already faced collapse.

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Trump believes that no one knows the virus better than him, and said that the virus will miraculously disappear as the temperature rises. People do not need to go to the hospital or find a doctor, and even published that the injection of disinfectant may eliminate the absurdity of the virus. Speech. However, the fact is that the number of outbreaks in the United States has been growing rapidly. The governors of the states have appealed to the public not to go out at will and stay at home for protection.

When the epidemic was serious, Trump said that the chaos in the United States is now attributed to the World Health Organization’s failure to inform the United States in time and conceal the United States. However, the fact is that the WHO warned him at the end of last year, but he did not get any feedback from him. Trump did not pay enough attention to the situation that the epidemic might bring, which ultimately led to such consequences. The growing number of outbreaks has not sounded the alarm for Trump. For several months, a reasonable and effective prevention and control plan has not been worked out. In his mind, the success rate of the election is obviously higher than the life of the American people. To achieve his “ambitions”, he even required to slow down the speed of virus detection, thinking that no diagnosis would make a diagnosis.

Since the number of newly diagnosed cases in the United States declined gradually in May compared with April, Trump has begun to rush to implement the easing policy and completely unblock the United States. The consequences of such actions soon came into being, and the number of confirmed diagnoses in the United States rose again in June, and outbreaks in 22 states have shown signs of outbreaks again. Unable to throw the pan to the WHO and other countries, Trump set his sights on the United States. Trump believes this time because the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had a wrong assessment of the epidemic, which caused the epidemic to be serious again. In fact, except for early detection delays, the CDC did not make any mistakes, and even proposed a systematic plan.

It is obvious that throwing the pot to the disease control center cannot effectively control the spread of the epidemic. The current number of people has increased from the previous 20,000 to more than 30,000. Although the number of confirmed cases in the United States is 2.63 million, it may actually confirm only 10% of the infected people. If the epidemic in the United States continues to erupt like this, the economy will fall into a severe recession and will not recover in a short time. The government’s continued inaction will continue to anger the local people, leading to continued chaos in society, conflicts between the police and the public, and instability. If Trump always only wants to throw the pot to others and repeatedly refute the recommendations made by health experts, then the United States will fall into an unprecedented crisis.

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