Water is also a good product for skin care, Water is the best “natural beauty agent”!

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As the saying goes, women are made of water, and beautiful women are always watery. Water is the most fundamental moisturizer for the skin. It is the first thing in terms of correct skin care. Water is the best skin cosmetic agent, and water is the most important factor to avoid and delay skin wrinkles. The human body needs water both outside and inside.

Water is an indispensable liquid nutrient in people’s lives and the basis of metabolism. Water can regulate body temperature, transport nutrients, and remove waste in the human body. If a person does not eat, because there is fat, protein, and liver and pond yuan in the body to supply, he will not die in a short time. If there is no water for three years, thirst, fever, mental disorder, blood pressure drop, fainting, and death will occur.

Water is the best skin beauty agent

Water is a very important component of the human body. Among the various components of the human body, water is the most abundant. Water is widely distributed in cells, extracellular fluids and various tissues of the collective. The amount of sleep in a male adult is about 60% of the body weight. %, women are about 50%. According to research, a person consumes at least 5 liters of water per day. If you remove the water contained in food (90% in vegetables, 80% in fruits, 70% in meat and fish It is water), and drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Unexpectedly, water is also a good product for skin care. The skin and moisture are extremely related. If the skin is dehydrated, it will appear dull, shrink, and elastic. So it is said Water occupies a very important position in skin care. If you can make good use of water, you will remain youthful forever.

Water can protect the skin from being clean, moisturized, and tender. It is a special and cheap cosmetic agent. The water content of normal human skin accounts for 18%-20% of the total water content of the human body. Because of its low density and cleanliness, water can be easily absorbed by the skin to maintain the moisture of the skin. Only when the skin has moisture can it make the skin soft, plump, smooth, shiny and elastic. When the body is dehydrated, the secretion of sebaceous glands is reduced, and the skin will not only appear dry and peeling, but also wrinkles, acne or acne, and the complexion will appear old. Moisture also moisturizes and protects the skin, helps reduce pigmentation and enhances skin resistance and immune function. The body lacks water, the circulating blood volume is insufficient, and metabolic waste cannot be discharged in time, which burdens the body’s kidneys and causes constipation in the large intestine, which is the “big enemy” of beauty and skin. When there is enough water in the body, it can reduce the accumulation of high-quality, eliminate the body’s bloat and discharge some metabolic waste.

Moisture is the first element of beautiful skin. Whitening, sun protection, and oil control are all done on the basis of hydrating and moisturizing. The skin on the face of the office lady who sits in the office is most likely to be “conditioned” by the air conditioner, and it becomes more and more dry. Not only can the powder be applied evenly during makeup, but the small fine lines and melanin that were originally “deeply hidden” are also caused by computer radiation. Exciting and “surfaced”.

Water is the best skin beauty agent

People of different ages and genders have different water content in their bodies, but they account for at least half of their body weight. The lack of water in the human body will first make the skin dry and inelastic, causing wrinkles, and looking old. Therefore, for beauty and health, it is recommended to drink more water. The best time to drink water is to drink a glass of water in the morning after waking up. This will not only cleanse the stomach and intestines, but also benefit the kidneys. It is not advisable to drink more water after meals and before going to bed to avoid dilution of gastric juice, excessive urine at night, and edema of the eyelids. And bags under the eyes. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is beneficial to beauty.

The moisturizing effect of water in the skin is no less than the protective effect of oil on the skin. There is sufficient water in the body to make the skin plump, smooth, soft, elastic and shiny. According to Japanese beauty experts, washing your face frequently with cold boiled water can keep your skin moisturized, making it soft, tender, shiny and elastic. You should also eat more water-rich vegetables and fruits, and pay attention to maintaining proper indoor humidity, which is beneficial to skin beauty. In addition, different waters have different beauty effects.

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