What are the advantages and disadvantages of push-ups

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In daily life, push-ups are an exercise that is often used by people to train, I believe many people are familiar with it. During training, we often practice push-ups, which can bring a lot of benefits to the body. What are the advantages and disadvantages of push-ups?

Benefits of push-ups

1. Enhance physical fitness

Push-ups are an exercise that can exercise the muscles of the whole body. Many people think that push-ups are just arms exerting force. In fact, the muscles of the whole body will be mobilized during the exercise. Long-term adherence to push-ups can make the body stronger and improve body resistance. force.

2. Improve function

Push-ups mainly exercise the balance and support ability of the body. Regular push-up exercises can make the body’s nervous system more active, and it will make bones, joints, and ligaments stronger and more flexible, promote blood circulation, and increase lung capacity.

3. Shape the body

People who insist on push-ups for a long time can also play a role in shaping the body, especially for those who are not satisfied with their body. Both men and women can make the body more symmetrical and powerful by insisting on doing push-ups. .

4. Delay aging

Humans usually start from the age of 20, and the muscle fibers in the body will gradually shrink with age. However, if you insist on push-ups for a long time, you can temper the muscle fibers to be thicker, greatly increase the density of the bones, and have a certain effect of delaying aging.

Disadvantages of push-ups

There is no harm in doing push-ups in itself, that is, we do not pay attention to movements in the process of doing push-ups, which can easily cause damage to some parts of the body.

In order to avoid injury, you need to pay attention to the following things when doing push-ups: You must proceed step by step, from easy to difficult, from less to more, and from light to heavy. According to one’s physical condition, choose the appropriate practice method to control the exercise load. Be prepared and relax activities to prevent injuries and muscle stiffness. Fingering, high-five, and weight-bearing exercises are prohibited for the elderly. This method is forbidden for patients with heart disease and high blood pressure. Push-ups are gravity training. Long-term push-ups are likely to cause greater pressure and impact on the knuckles (fist position), wrist (palm) and shoulder joints, causing pain and damage to the above parts. Therefore, these joints need to be maintained at ordinary times.

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