What are the tools for Amazon keyword search ranking?

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Anyone who is an Amazon knows the importance of keywords, because if you make good keywords, the weight of the listing can be increased, and this is related to sales, so it is very important. So what are the useful Amazon keyword search ranking tools?

1. Google trends

You can customize the search times and historical data of keywords, understand the trend of keyword searches, help sellers understand current popular products and market demand, and help inventory management.

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is to grab real and effective search volume from Amazon (Miya Test). It can estimate how many exact matches and broad match searches a specific keyword phrase will receive each month.

3. Helium10

Helium 10 contains more than a dozen tools that can help Amazon sellers find high ranking keywords, monitor competitors and fully optimize product listings to increase sales.

MAGNET: Mainly do keyword search. You can sort out all the keywords you want to search and put them on the title of the listing according to the search volume.

FRANGKENSTEIN: After the first step is done, you can use FRANGKENSTEIN to eliminate some repeated words or unneeded words.

4.5K CHECKER: It can detect whether existing keywords are included in Amazon’s backend or Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

Keyword Tracker

Search for keywords of competitors, optimize product keywords in depth, and improve rankings. Support four databases of wordtracker, Google, Youtube and Amazon.

5. Merchant Words

Updated monthly, with massive Amazon keyword data, data from Google and Amazon, searching for popular keywords, narrowing the search scope to category keyword tools, and acquiring more keywords.

6. Keyword Tool for Amazon

Keyword Tool for Amazon is a free keyword research tool for Amazon by providing thousands of lists of related products (based on Amazon customer search), accurate big data analysis, multi-directional product guidance services, and free access to massive long-tail words to provide sellers with more good result.

7, KeywordInspector

You can find all the keywords that Amazon consumers are using. The only tool in the world that can reverse the keywords used by any ASIN. It is suitable for the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Japan, and China.

8. Seller app

Seller app is an Amazon keyword research tool that runs together with Google Chrome. It can be added directly to Google Chrome as an extension, and you can easily access relevant keyword data with just one click. This free tool provides sellers with access to hundreds of Amazon long-tail keywords, which can be used to increase product views and conversion rates.


A. Competitor data tracking Find an interesting product and track it to get a 360-degree view of the product and listing. Even check their listing strategy and keywords used.

B. Competitive intensity analysis Analyze the key data of Amazon competition, such as the number of sellers of products, FBA sellers mark on the list, and review product trends.

9. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword software including platforms such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and eBay, ranks 1–10 keywords based on Amazon’s automatic keyword suggestion table. Automatically search for a large number of long tail keywords.

10. Viral Launch

Viral Launch provides keyword research results directly from Amazon. The platform includes an advanced correlation feature that allows operators who research keywords to further narrow the research results and return only the most relevant data, providing large-scale algorithm support for operating search terms .

11. SurTime Toolbox

Support keyword expansion of all sites, you can get keyword popularity, and count the frequency of words appearing.

The most powerful is the only one in the world that supports keyword filtering and reorganization with one click, quickly copying the exact Search Terms that comply with Amazon’s regulations.

12.Scinentific Seller

Scientific seller prides itself on being one of the best (and free) keyword tools for Amazon sellers. Unlike other tools for querying amazon keywords, scientific sellers use slower query methods and constantly search the amazon database (query by customer) in order to return a longer list of related keywords.

This app searches Amazon in real time, so it can always find the most current keywords. The keywords (Youfen Meiya evaluation) do not change so frequently, but when new brands or new products start to be searched, they can be found immediately. Note: This page will only find words searched by Amazon buyers!

13. Long Tail Pro

This is currently the only keyword software that obtains data from google adwords. It supports the selection of various countries and multiple languages. The SEO long-tail word auxiliary tool not only contains the latest effective keywords and long-tail words, but also analyzes the search situation and bidding situation of each word, and the operation is simple.

14. KWFinder

Real-time search and optimization of keywords, in-depth research and ranking of keywords, accurate search volume, accurate localization results can be selected from 40 languages, is a tool for in-depth analysis of keywords.

15. AMZtracker

Function: Investigate the sales data of competitors’ listings, set keywords and optimize rankings, improve Amazon’s listing rankings, product sample evaluation management, product review tracking management, product sales forecast in the past month, etc.

16. Soovle

Keyword assistance tool, this tool can immediately give the core words of the keyword concept. When the keyword is entered, its results are related to the content of Wikipedia, You Tube, Amazon, Yahoo, Ask and A.

17. Seo-Chat

Search engine optimization website, can get Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon keyword suggestion data automatically.

18. Keywordspy

Development of software for mining and tracking keywords abroad. Use competitor’s keywords and build a profitable keyword list by accessing a large database of related and similar terms and phrases.

19. Keyword Snatcher

Keyword mining software supports four search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and ASK. As long as you enter keywords and select the target market, different relevant long-tail keywords will appear according to different countries, and all have real click-through rates And search volume keywords.

20, AmaSuite

Azon Keyword Generator, this is a small tool for analyzing Amazon product keywords. It can easily obtain thousands of long-tail keywords from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

21, Terapeak

You can investigate the best-selling products and categories on eBay and Amazon platforms, analyze the naming method of titles, understand buyers’ shopping habits and hot search keywords, etc. Especially for the research of competitors, analyze their sales performance, update the latest trends, pricing strategies, etc.

22, Google keyword Planner

Provide historical search data of Google search engine, in-depth keyword research, and also find keywords that customers pay attention to. Users only need to enter a set of general words or phrases to view monthly clicks and average competition levels, so as to dig out product ideas and get some suggestions and tips. At the same time, this tool can also display related keywords with the same amount of information to prevent users from missing any content.

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