What is mining? How to get the popular Ethereum at a low price

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“Mining” is the act of using professional computers to keep accounts on digital ledgers; and in return for contributing computing power to the mining machine, the blockchain network will issue corresponding digital currency rewards based on the computing power provided by the mining machine.

Mining is the most basic support of BTC. Without mining, no one will keep accounts, and Bitcoin will not circulate and be produced! So after this halving, Ether not only has no impact but a bonus period. ETH is an open source blockchain public platform that allows everyone to freely develop smart contracts. Just like the Android and Windows systems in the Internet, it can provide one A set of specialized footstep languages ​​allows everyone to develop on it at will.

ETH can only provide a set of plug-in templates on the contract application platform, just as if you want to build a house, you must use steel, cement, tiles, etc., then ETH provides material plug-ins such as reinforced cement tiles. ETH can be used in many industries. The more industries you use, the greater the value of ETH tokens, because you will have to pay for tokens when you retrieve and view data in the future.

Bitcoin is the first and mature application of blockchain technology, called blockchain 1.0, while Ethereum is a large-scale application of smart contract application platform, called blockchain 2.0. Ecological, widely used in major industries is the upgrade of the Internet.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a digital asset. Like cash, Ethereum can conduct transactions without the need for a third party to process the goods for approval. BTC is a fixed adjustment and the difficulty of 2016 blocks is adjusted. ETH is dynamically adjusted, with a block adjustment every 13–15 seconds. And the power consumption of ETH is one-fifth of BTC, and the ETH mining machine is three times that of BTC mining machine. Now a mobile phone can participate in mining. The threshold is low, and it is more worry-free. Mining Ethereum can give HBT. The purchase of BTC reduces the frequent and cumbersome operation and maintenance and avoids the risk of thousands of iterations of Ether.

For people in the currency circle, the currency price fluctuates every day, and the mining circle is undoubtedly one of the most stable projects. As for physical mining, Ethereum mining is relatively rewarding at the current currency price.

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