What is the cause of hair loss?

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Recently, many people around me are complaining that my hair seems to be losing more than before. Will it continue to lose more and more? Is there any way to solve this problem?

First of all, here is a popular science, if the number of hair loss per day does not exceed 100, this is a normal physiological phenomenon and there is no need to worry. If this number is more than 125, you need to pay attention.

To solve the problem, you must first understand the cause of the problem. What factors in life can cause hair loss?

What are the factors that cause hair loss?

1) Androgen

Excessive secretion of male hormones in the human body, coupled with the strong activity of androgen receptors in the hair follicles, can easily cause hair follicle damage and cause a lot of hair loss.

2) Pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers will lose a lot of hair after pregnancy, but that’s okay, it will be back to normal in about a year.

3) Mental stress

When our mental stress is too high and the mood swings are very severe, it will affect the microcirculation of the scalp hair follicles and cause a lot of hair loss.

4) Undernutrition

There are many little fairies in life. They blindly pursue a slim figure. They go on a diet for the sake of slimness, which leads to the lack of nutrition and the hair follicles are also affected and lose their vitality.

6) Physical factors

If you tie your hair very tightly, you may lose a lot of hair.

7) Chemical factors

Frequent perming, dyeing, and bleaching will damage the hair and scalp follicles, and will also lose a lot of hair.

8) Microbiological factors

For example, some bacteria, fungi, spirochetes, etc., these microorganisms can cause folliculitis, and then a lot of hair loss.

9) Seasonal factors

Many people have very severe hair loss in the spring and autumn. Especially in late autumn, in November, the hair will decrease sharply by 10%.

How to avoid a lot of hair loss?

1) Wash your hair frequently

Hair is exposed to the sun and wind every day, and it is contaminated with dust. Try to wash it every two days to wash away all the dirt, oil and particulate matter on the hair and scalp, creating a very good micro-ecological environment for the scalp.

2) Maintain hair

Sometimes we lose a lot of hair, which may be caused by damage to the hair. It looks like a lot of hair loss every day, but it is not.

For some long-haired fairies, after washing the hair every day, you can apply a hair mask, conditioner, and essential oil to the middle and lower part of the hair, especially the tips of the hair, to moisturize and adjust the hair and reduce breakage. hair.

3) Pay attention to diet

Eat more spinach, leeks, celery, carrots, green bamboo shoots, etc. These vegetables are rich in vitamins and are essential nutrients for hair growth.

Eat more beans, soy, black beans can increase hair shine, elasticity, and prevent split ends or breakage.

4) Pay attention to living habits

Don’t stay up late, don’t be greedy for cold, and eat less greasy meat and spicy food. Try not to wash your hair with cold water, and it is best not to go out and expose your hair after washing.

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