What is the difference of taking pictures with the iPhone 12 series?

Nowadays, more and more consumers are falling in love with mobile photography. This small device in hand can help us record every bit of life. Thanks to the stable shooting experience, the iPhone has become the first choice of many people, and the shooting performance of the new generation iPhone 12 has also begun to be concerned by many consumers.

Recently, iPhone photographer John used the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro to capture the beauty of outskirts of the country. Through the dual-camera lens of the iPhone 12 and the triple-camera lens of the iPhone 12 Pro, John showed us the many advantages of the iPhone 12. Let’s take a look at the performance of the iPhone 12 series.

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iPhone 12 Pro ultra-wide-angle lens proofs
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iPhone 12 Pro wide-angle lens proofs
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iPhone 12 Pro telephoto lens proofs

The iPhone 12 uses a dual-camera combination of ultra-wide-angle lens + wide-angle lens. The viewing angle of the ultra-wide-angle lens reaches 120°, which is very suitable for capturing more scenes in some narrow spaces. Moreover, the 12-megapixel lens can also capture those wonderful details, making the photos more textured. The newly upgraded wide-angle lens has a larger f/1.6 aperture, which can effectively increase the brightness of the picture in low light conditions. With the new 7P lens, the edges of the picture are sharp and clear.

The iPhone 12 Pro is equipped with a brand new three-camera system, and its unique telephoto lens still continues the 52mm focal length. Using this lens, iPhone 12 Pro can take portrait photos closer to the human eye.

The iPhone has always been a model in the field of computational photography. Thanks to the new generation of A14 bionics, the iPhone 12 still performs well in special scenes such as low light. Both the wide-angle lens and ultra-wide-angle lens of the iPhone 12 series this year support night mode, and the iPhone 12 Pro can also cooperate with LiDAR to obtain accurate blur effects when shooting portraits. In the night mode, the images recorded by the iPhone 12 are brighter and more natural in color, with richer details. In daily shooting, the new smart HDR3 can also further enhance the shooting experience. It uses machine learning technology to understand the scene and makes selective adjustments to various parts of the photo to increase the performance of details and enhance the look and feel of the photo.

iPhone 12 Pro also has a significant improvement in the field of video shooting. It is the first iPhone that supports shooting Dolby Vision HDR video. It can capture up to 700 million colors, making the picture fuller. Moreover, the powerful performance of the A14 Bionic can also satisfy us using mobile phones to edit Dolby Vision videos. From shooting to editing, one iPhone 12 Pro can do it all.

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