What preparations are needed before the Android APP is launched

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Unlike the closeness of the ios system, only the App Store is the only official app store. Android is an open source system with many app stores, and for Android users, even if they are not on the app store, they can download directly through the download link. Many Android users will enter the app store to download when they want to download apps. As an important promotion method, it is very necessary for apk to be put on various application stores. So what do you need to prepare before the Android APP goes on sale?

1. Soft application is required.

The basic condition for most of the Android app stores is soft. Soft work is the copyright of computer software, and the developer who successfully applies for soft work can enjoy relevant civil rights to the software in accordance with the law. Soft application is not simple and takes a long time. Generally, you need to apply for an expedited application at least 40 days in advance. It is recommended that developers who have market demand for Android apps on the shelves apply in advance.

2. Relevant materials for enterprise developer certification (business license, legal person identity certificate and other relevant information of the enterprise)

3. Most of the application market requires a developer declaration or disclaimer, and the official website has a download template to download.

4. It is necessary to prepare in advance the introduction of the application, screenshots (to keep the same with the APP, 4–5), name, apk format package, and the basic version number, which must be prepared in advance.

The above four points are the basic preparations for the Android APP to be put on the shelves. The specific requirements will be different. The relevant operation process and submission URL can be found on their official website. Although Android is not as strict as the App Store review, it is necessary to prepare adequately in order to prevent unnecessary trouble. The above is the content of this article, I hope it helps.

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