What should I do if I encounter sexual harassment in the workplace?

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  1. Make as much noise as possible and let others know.After being infringed, you should promptly inform your colleagues or friends of the encounter so that you can “create” witnesses or insiders to testify for yourself when defending your rights. After being violated, you should tell relevant colleagues or friends about your experience in time, so as to “create” witnesses or insiders to testify when defending rights.

2. Do not secretly handle harassing text messages, emails, notes, etc., and keep them as evidence.It is best to go to the notary office to save the evidence.

3. If there is a letter of regret or guarantee issued by the other party, it can also be kept as evidence.

4. If you have been harassed for a long time, you can bring your voice recorder, camera and camera to collect evidence.

Can sexual harassment be sentenced?

The punishment for sexual harassment is 20 years in prison(USA) as well as fines and any expenses directly related to the crime must be pay by the harasser.

How to identify sexual harassment

The subjective purpose of the behavior includes sexual requirements or sexual intentions.In other words, the subjective aspect of sexual harassment must include sexual purposes, and this behavior is unwelcome, unwilling, and uninterested in the victim.

However, in view of national conditions, social public places such as stations, squares and other large places are often due to limited conditions, congestion and collisions are inevitable, and strict standards should be adopted.

Recognition of behavior patterns.

Broadly speaking, rape, forced indecency, and insults to women are also harassment of women.However, to a certain extent, it is more appropriate to call it sexual assault.Therefore, the criminal law imposes more severe punishment on it.Sexual harassment is a relatively minor form of sexual assault.

Sexual harassment usually refers to unwelcome sexual language or behavior by the harasser against the harassed person, including physical contact, speech, graphic display, eyes and posture, etc., such as telling pornographic jokes, commenting, displaying pornographic pictures, publications and articles , Inquiry about sexual privacy, dating, erotic eyes, posture, body touch, exposure of sexual organs, etc.

The definition of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can be divided into three situations one is the sexual harassment of employees or colleagues of administrative agencies, enterprises and institutions by the upper and lower levels and employers the second is the situation where employees are sexually harassed by customers while working for the unit, the third is public places such as buses Sexual harassment between strangers.The first and second situations can be called sexual harassment in the workplace, while the latter can be called sexual harassment in public places.

The targets of sexual harassment include both women and men both the opposite sex and the same sex.Although there is no record of female sexual harassment of males in USA, it has occurred in recent years.

Therefore, we should learn from the development trend of the concept of sexual harassment abroad, make it more forward-looking, and incorporate the above-mentioned situation into the scope of sexual harassment research.

The requirements for the consequences of sexual harassment should not be too strict.

Weakening the requirements of constituent elements and expanding the scope of the concept of sexual harassment to help victims are the basic trends in the evolution of the concept of sexual harassment.What i believes that this attitude should also be adopted when defining the legal scope of sexual harassment in my country.

Regardless of whether sexual harassment has caused a tangible loss of benefits to the victim, as long as the behavior is based on the objective standards of ordinary people, the behavior may cause psychological or physical harm to the victim, which meets the requirements of sexual harassment.

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