What to do if you have acne on your face

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Some people find that their faces have acne, which may be caused by improper use of cosmetics, improper hygiene, or endocrine disorders. People need to choose a suitable method for treatment. They can take oral medications for body conditioning. It is better not to squeeze the acne with your hands, because there are many bacteria on your hands, you can go to the dermatologist for help.

Acne on the face is a common skin disease. The causes of the disease are very rich. People need to understand the causes before they can carry out targeted treatment. Some people may use their hands to squeeze their acne. In fact, this is a wrong approach, which may lead to repeated infections or inflammations. So what is the solution for acne on the face? Let’s understand it together.

There are many ways to treat acne on the face. It is best not to treat it indiscriminately. For example, do not squeeze with your hands, because there are many bacteria on your hands. If you squeeze for a long time, it may cause aggravation of the disease. There are ways to solve this disease. The following types.

First, people who have acne on the face can seek the help of a doctor for skin testing. If they have mild acne, they can use tretinoin topical cream or gel for treatment, which can be used to sterilize and anti-inflammatory. . If the acne is more serious, it can be treated with antibiotics and other drugs for systemic treatment, and people must take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Second, some people have more severe acne on the face, a lot of them, and suppuration. They can be treated by oral hormones and other drugs. You can take some herbal medicine to remove the body’s moisture, heat and toxins. You should eat some light ones. Food can not only supplement the body’s trace elements, but also promote skin healing.

Third, if a person’s body endocrine is imbalanced or the pores are clogged, the probability of acne will increase. People can reduce the growth of acne by regulating the body’s endocrine and cleaning the pores. They should keep exercising and work regularly, not smoking or drinking. , You can use some mild and non-irritating skin care products to clean your pores. It is best not to work or live in an excessively hot environment.

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