Which color of LV’s popular NEONOE bucket bag is better?

The Noe model has always been one of the four diamonds of the Louis Vuitton brand. The classic style is not long-winded. Its influence and reputation are known to everyone in the universe.

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LV NOE bucket bag comparison of various sizes of popular science details

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M41346 LV NANO NOE Handbag LV Presbyopia LVmini Bucket Bag LV Bucket Bag

Specification: 13cm*15cm*9cm

Structure: Strap opening, adjustable and detachable shoulder strap

The Nano Lockit handbag made of classic Monogram canvas exudes the ultimate femininity and is ideal for you to carry daily necessities. This handbag is the perfect mini version of the prototype Noe handbag, with delicate stitching and extremely light weight, which can easily hold your smartphone, credit card and keys.

Nano Noe is the size of a 6p mobile phone, cute hin, suitable for summer wear, SA said it has been out of stock for more than 2 years, and the hard-to-buy index is almost five stars!

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M40817 LV NOE BB handbag LV Monogram canvas bucket bag LV female bag LV bucket bag

Specification: 22cm*24cm*15cm

Structure:-Crossbody-Iconic leather drawstring closure-Natural cowhide trim-Shiny gold metal accessories-Fabric lining-D-ring reinforcement base, bag can be erected

The classic Noé bucket bag, designed in 1932, is reinterpreted in a cute mini style. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with leather, and the height of the bag is less than 9 inches. This Noé bucket bag made of Monogram canvas uses the original iconic leather drawstring and an elongated strap for casual cross-body use.

Noe BB This bag is medium in size, but it is a long shoulder strap. It is different from the following two shoulder straps. It is suitable for cross-body carrying. At that time, I rushed to this size. SA said that there is no stock, and the payment is usually 1–2. The monthly schedule depends on the speed of counter replenishment.

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27.0 x 27.0 x 21.0 cm (length x height x width)

Organ-style compartment-1 internal patch pocket-1 key hook clasp-Snap button closure-Epi cowhide-grained cowhide lining-shiny silver metal parts

Petit Noé NM’s pleated soft bag shape is most suitable for matching with another classic of the brand-the famous Monogram canvas. The leisurely and elegant style, with a recognizable design, is most suitable for daily use.

Petit Noe NM is the one I entered. I am 170cm tall and the size is suitable. The bag is very light and has a large capacity, but there are wooden compartments inside. Putting lipstick and tissues is really jingle. But I customized the inner tank on a certain treasure, and I will take a look at it when I get it.

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M43570 LV NEONOE Presbyopia Handbag LV 2017 Spring Collection LV Women’s Bag LV Bucket Bag Rose Red

Specification: 26cm*22cm*27cm (approximately)

Structure:-10.2 x 8.7 x 10.8 inches-Monogram coated canvas on the outside-Colored calfskin trim-Colored microfiber adhesive lining-Gold metal trim-Drawstring closure-Adjustable long bag with snap button Belt-inside zipper pocket

The history of the Noé series can be traced back to 1932-in the old days, a champagne merchant commissioned Juston Louis Vuitton to design an elegant and sturdy handbag that could hold 5 bottles of champagne. The trendy bucket bag Néonoé, born out of a classic and practical style, uses soft Monogram canvas fabric and is decorated with colorful calfskin. The adjustable shoulder strap design makes it easy to create a modern cross body shape.

Chunk Noe is the one with the largest size. This is basically the same bag shape as Noe noe, but there is a zipper compartment inside Noe noe.

Bags are both attractive and practical handbags. They are suitable for any occasion and season. They are extremely versatile. There are popular and non-impact bags. I wonder if there are any ones you like?

In the final analysis, there is nothing wrong with all pursuing good things through proper means. As for the meaning, all the hard work ended up blooming in my heart, is this not beautiful enough

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