Why insist on jogging for a long time?

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If people who hate strenuous exercise want a simple and easy way to lose weight, they can choose to jog to lose weight. The method of jogging to lose weight can quickly burn our body’s calories, and it does not require too much form and does not require a fixed place, and can be performed at any time.

The benefits of jogging

For weight loss, it is not that the faster you run, the better the weight loss effect. On the contrary, the faster you run, the easier it is to harm your body. Therefore, jogging is a way to lose weight beyond imagination.

Jogging to lose weight mainly depends on persistence, it is not possible to lose weight by running a sweat. If you want to really get rid of the fat on your body and lose weight easily, you can do jogging in accordance with your own situation and physical strength. It is best to continue to stick to a habit.

In addition, jogging has these benefits:

1. Eyes

People who insist on long-distance running look directly into the distance when jogging. This is a good way for the eyes to relax and rest. If you have a child who is going to school in your family, let him keep running every day, the chance of myopia will definitely be reduced. of.

2. Neck, shoulders, spine

Jogging has many benefits for our neck, shoulders, and spine. Modern people are busy with work. People who often sit in front of the computer for a long time will have some cervical and shoulder problems. The correct running posture requires back. Standing upright and relaxing, long-term persistence will greatly improve the discomfort of the cervical spine and shoulders.

3. Heart

Persisting in jogging will give you a strong heart. Increasing the oxygen content delivered to the various organs of the body will naturally greatly improve the quality of the work of each organ. In addition, middle- and long-distance running will speed up blood circulation, promote venous blood flow back to the heart through the movement of the lower limbs, and prevent intravenous thrombosis. It can also strengthen one’s physical fitness and improve resistance.

4. Blood

Jogging will enhance the function of your cardiovascular system, so that the blood quality of the jogger will be stronger than that of ordinary people. The body’s adaptive changes to long-term mid- and long-distance running can improve metabolism and reduce blood fat and cholesterol levels.

5. Lungs and respiratory system

Jogging also has a good effect on the respiratory system. Regular jogging exercise will make your lung function stronger, and increase your lung capacity, so that each ventilation volume will increase and your lung function will increase. Running can greatly increase the amount of oxygen carried in your blood.

6. Liver

For people with fatty liver, the best medicine without side effects is to keep running. This is related to the improvement of jogging and the increase of the hormone adiponectin. Adiponectin can enhance people’s response to insulin, help fight viruses, and reduce the risk of liver disease. In addition, aerobic exercises such as running can effectively burn fat and reduce the harm of fatty liver.

7. Waistline

The change in the figure caused by running is first reflected in the waist. Many joggers have experienced this. After running for a few days, although the weight has not been significantly reduced, the figure has obviously improved, especially the waistline has become more Pretty.

8. Knee

Some people say that running hurts the knee, but there is some truth in it. Most people who insist on running are more or less troubled by knee injuries. However, through communication with many runners who have been running for more than ten years, they learned that they will also encounter the same problem when they first start running. Some people will have knee pain even when walking fast. However, as the amount of jogging gradually increases, the knee It will become stronger and stronger. The runners who ran more had healthier knees.

9. Leg muscles

People who often jog after a period of exercise, you will find that the leg muscles will gradually become very strong and toned. Running can promote the health of muscles and nerves and improve the body’s disease resistance. In winter, the temperature is low, and continuous jogging can stimulate the body’s protective response, speed up blood circulation, and accelerate blood flow in the legs.

10. Whole body muscles

Long-term long-term running can strengthen the muscles of the whole body. Running needs to mobilize the muscles of the whole body, so that the muscles are not easy to accumulate metabolites such as lactic acid or carbon dioxide. Running can be said to be the foundation of all other sports.

11. Bones

Long-term slowness can increase the strength and density of bones. Avoid people suffering from degenerative osteoporosis in old age. Running will make your cartilage stronger due to stimulation, and sun exposure will promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body and increase bone density. If you persist in this way for three months, your risk of fracture will be about 40% lower than that of your peers.

Generally speaking, running is a very healthy thing. It not only helps us protect our body from diseases, but also burns fat and helps us control our body shape. It can be said to be one of the best health exercises.

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