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  1. US will be more divided. Population of US could be divided into people of global-competitiveness, and no-competitiveness, or rich and poor for simplicity. This pandemic hit poor so hard, they easily lost their job, they will fall further into the bottom. While the people of global-competitiveness will keep winning in the global market with advanced technology and strong finance support.
  2. No large scale unrest will happen for lock down. Government won’t stop people from reopening, if they want to go to work. People always have the choice to work to earn money. But when reopening don’t bring money for the poor, then it comes the unrest. Which may happen in July.
  3. The wealthy people is maintaining their fortune in the capital market, the capital value is their strength in the globe. With high value of asset in US dollar, they can buy their competitors off, if they can not win over them in the global manufacturing market. The cycle is: high value -> good labor -> advanced technology -> overwhelming competitor, if not buy them -> create higher value of assets.
  4. Rich US harvest intellectuals, harvest unicorns, harvest competitor, keep monopoly global market, take most profit of the cake into US, then start the cycle over again. The pandemic will slows down this cycle. The people lost most in the globalization may become more powerful in US politics, which brings a chance that US industry may retreat from the global market.


  1. Everything is recovering, now recovered about 95%.
  2. High-tech is move forward fast.


  1. PIGS will fall far behind, German and France will keep dominating Europe.
  2. The whole Europe’s lost is top one in among China and Europe.

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