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With the outbreak of the epidemic in the first half of the year, health has become a factor that people have to pay attention to in daily life. This has also brought attention to many apps and smart devices, and smart watches are one of them. It can monitor the user’s health and exercise status in real time, help users better understand their own situation, and its convenient use experience allows the watch to get the functionality of time while also getting a more complete intelligent experience.

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Vivo recently launched its first smart watch. Its excellent design, sophisticated production technology and perfect functional experience have attracted the attention of many users. Let’s take a closer look at the specific situation of this smart watch.

Exterior design

Vivo WATCH is divided into four versions according to the size of the dial and the material of the strap. This time I got the 42mm Secret Summer Orange version, which is brighter in color and suitable for young people.

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The exterior design of vivo WATCH is very good. The dial adopts a circular design. According to the official vivo, this design is more suitable for the original appearance of the watch. The body is black, the overall division is well-proportioned, and the transition is obvious. It will feel hard core, but more like a fashion item.

The screen of the watch uses a 1.19-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 390×390, which has an excellent display effect. And a low-power processor is built into the watch, which supports AOD always-on display, and you can check the time without lifting your wrist. There are two physical buttons on the right side of the watch, the upper part is the main interface button, and the lower part is the sports mode button.

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The bezel of vivo WATCH is made of ceramic material, which is quite rare in smart watches. Vivo has also made different designs according to the size of the dial. Each surface of the 42mm bezel has been individually polished, which looks very soft and can clearly feel the texture of the ceramic material.

In order to enhance the durability of the watch body, the vivo WATCH is made of stainless steel, which can resist the wear and tear in daily life and the erosion of sweat. The watch body is made of stainless steel sandblasting process, which is very delicate and smooth, and the two sides adopt a through-type waistline design, which has a strong fashion atmosphere.

The strap adopts the Nappa leather strap, which is a relatively high-end leather material. The official said that this strap uses the bull’s head leather. The performance in terms of touch and wearing experience is indeed very good, relatively delicate and looks cheap. The front of the strap uses orange color, which is very eye-catching, and the back is the standard brown color of leather with excellent texture. The strap adopts a detachable design, but disassembly requires some learning costs. Vivo has another fluorine rubber material, which is more suitable for sports scenes.

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The back of the watch is a piece of 3D curved glass, which integrates six sensor systems. Some of them are convex, but not obvious. There is a smooth transition between the protrusion and the plane, which will not affect the wearing experience.

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In terms of connection, vivo WATCH is very simple. You only need to download the official vivo sports health product to connect to the watch. And both Android phones and Apple phones can use vivo WATCH, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

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In terms of actual experience, the performance of vivo WATCH is very good, the function of lifting the wrist to brighten the screen is very fast, and it can almost be achieved without delay. This is quite critical for smart watches, and the UI design of the mobile phone is very simple and requires almost no use. Use cost, as long as you are familiar with two buttons, you can use it easily.

The most commonly used function of smart watches is undoubtedly the message reminder. In this respect, vivo WATCH can basically achieve zero delay, and it can be quickly received at a certain distance. There are also convenient functions such as Jovi voice assistant, remote control of mobile phone photos, and mobile phone search, which are very practical for daily use.

And vivo WATCH can add access card to reduce the burden of daily travel. In terms of transportation cards, vivo WATCH can add transportation cards for more than 20 different cities, so that users in different cities can feel the convenience of smart watches. In addition, vivo WATCH also supports offline payment code function, you can leave your phone to make purchases and settle alone.

For smart watches, battery life is a sensitive topic. Many users will give up this category because of the problem of “one charge per day”, but vivo WATCH does a very good job in this regard. Vivo WATCH official stated that the 46mm watch can reach 18 days of battery life, while this 42mm watch can also reach 9 days of battery life. In actual tests, about 60% of the battery is used in five days, which is basically the same as the official time. .


For smart watches, sports is a major usage scenario. Now most smart watches have made a lot of attempts and optimizations for sports, and vivo WATCH is no exception. Vivo WATCH supports 11 sports modes including outdoor running, pool swimming, mountaineering, etc., and supports smart sports recognition. It can automatically recognize during exercise, and enter the corresponding mode with one key, and record it to ensure that you will not miss yours Every drop of sweat.

During the exercise, vivo WATCH can provide professional exercise guidance through various data monitored by the sensors, and use a series of information such as heart rate and pace to prompt whether the current exercise intensity is in line with the physical state, and achieve better exercise effects. And according to the different actual conditions of the user, three goals of standing, step count and exercise are tailored for the user, so that the user can maintain the basic daily exercise.

In vivo sports health software, you can record outdoor running, indoor running and cycling route maps through GPS, and the pace, duration and consumption can be recorded, and it supports one-click sharing, which can be sent to friends or posted to Moments. .

It is worth noting that vivo WATCH also supports the measurement of dynamic calorie consumption throughout the day, which is very user-friendly for fitness or weight loss users. It also supports 50 meters of water resistance, can be worn while swimming, and supports underwater control.

Vivo WATCH supports independent music control and can store music in the watch, which can store about 400 songs. Vivo WATCH supports the connection of Bluetooth headsets, which can reduce the exercise load, and you can enjoy music without considering the constraints of the mobile phone.

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Health aspect

Blood oxygen saturation is a hot word this year. It means that the volume of hemoglobin bound by oxygen in the blood accounts for the percentage of the total hemoglobin capacity that can be bound. This parameter is very important during the new crown epidemic. vivo WATCH supports high-precision continuous blood oxygen saturation monitoring, which is convenient for users to observe blood oxygen status at any time, and can be synchronized to the mobile phone to show the trend of blood oxygen changes.

At the same time, vivo WATCH supports all-weather heart rate monitoring, which can monitor heart rate in real time within 24 hours and form a heart rate trend in the software. When the heart rate is abnormal, vivo WATCH can send out reminders to monitor your physical condition in time.

In addition, vivo WATCH can also monitor sleep quality and stress data in real time, and analyze them, allowing you to further understand your health status.

In general, vivo WATCH is excellent in terms of design and functionality. It is the best choice for vivo or iQOO mobile phone users, and it is also a good fashion item. The pricing of the full range of vivo WATCH is 650$, it is obvious that vivo wants to give more benefits to consumers, and is actively building its own ecosystem.

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